They Are Billions is a real time strategy game set in a post apocalyptic world. You are sent out to reclaim the land that has been infested with the infected. These zombie like creatures will slowly meander towards any source of noise or movement. As you progress you’ll unlock new research and equipment.

The campaign mode consists of three types of missions. You have the standard base building common to RTS games, then there are hero missions controlling a single unit, and lastly horde missions where you set up defences in order to fight off the wave of Infected.

Selecting the right research path is important for getting through some of the campaign missions. You might want to hold off on some missions until you’ve researched the technology to make it easier.

They Are Billions Campaign Walkthrough

Missions 1-6

The Hidden Valley
The Last Bunker
The Crossroads
The Hunter’s Meadow
Alpha Communications Center
The Weapons Factory

Missions 7-12

Swarms I
The Mines of the Raven
The Coast of Bones
The Narrow Pass
The Lands of the Giant
Swarms II

Missions 13-18

Cape Storm
The Lonely Forest
The Frozen Lake
Hydra Power Plant
The Oasis
The Lowlands

Missions 19-26

The Foundry
The Nest of the Harpy
Swarms III
Gamma Medical Center
The Valley of Death
The Prison
The Noxious Swamp
The Villa of Terror

Missions 27-33

Swarms IV
The Steel Fortress
The Resistance
The Broken Land
El Dorado
The Forbidden Forest
Swarms V

Missions 34-40

Omicron Lab
The Wasteland of the Giants
Swarms VI
Pheonix Project
The Highlands
Swarms VII
The Goddess of Destiny