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This is the final quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion and you’ll have the chance to decide what happens to Gaunter O’Dimm and Olgierd. After receiving the Violet Rose in the last quest make your way to the Alchemy Inn to meet one of Olgierd’s men.

When you arrive Gaunter O’Dimm will be waiting for you. As you make your way towards him a drunk will intervene. Gaunter freezes time so they can talk. He tells Geralt that he must bring Olgierd to meet him at the Temple of Lilvani. Gaunter leaves after killing the drunk and time starts up again.

Talk to Olgierd’s man and tell him that Olgierd must meet him at the temple. he’ll then tell you that Shani wants to see you.

Shani and the Professor

When you go to see Shani she’ll tell you that she’s packing for a trip to the front lines to work as a medic. When you tell her about Olgierd she’ll let you know about a Professor named Premethine Shakeslock and take you to see him at the academy.

When you arrive at the academy the guards will let her in but won’t allow Geralt to enter. You’ll need to find another way in. Head around to the right, kill the Drowners and wait for Shani to lower a rope down.

Once the Witch Hunters inside the courtyard have been killed make your way to the Professor’s house. The front door is locked so you’ll need to find another way inside. Climb up a nearby ladder and then go across the scaffolding. Jump onto the balcony and use Aard to blast the upper door open.

Make your way downstairs and talk to the Professor. He’s wary at first, thinking you’re from O’Dimm but once you tell him you’re a Witcher he’ll be convinced. He tells you the only way to defeat O’Dimm is to challenge him to a game of wits. Just as the Professor is telling you this the beam above breaks and a bookcase starts to topple over. The Professor slips on a bottle and steps outside of the circle. He falls over and breaks his neck.

The Temple of Lilvani

Meet Olgierd at the temple and O’Dimm will appear. He claims to have fulfilled the contract and demands Olgierd’s soul. If you went to see the Professor you’ll know that you can challenge him to a game of wits and use your own soul as a wager.

You could of course just let O’Dimm take Olgierd’s soul and that will be the end of the story. O’Dimm will grant you one wish, to be as swift as the wind, to never go hungry, to have a bottle of vodka that is always full, to be rich, or nothing.

Game of Wits

You’ll wake up in the spirit realm and O’Dimm will give you a riddle:

To all things and men I appertain,
and yet by some am shunned and disdained.
Fondle me and ogle me til you’re insane,
but no blow can harm me, cause me pain.
Children delight in me, elders take fright.
Fair maids rejoice and spin.
Cry and I weep, yawn and I sleep.
Smile, and I shall grin.

What am I?

As soon as you make your way past the broken ruins a timer will appear. Most of the items and places of interest are distractions designed to get you to waste time.

The quickest path through is to follow the track straight and then to the right at the well with the Specters. Continue along the path over a bridge and under a stone archway. You’ll notice a Hym Specter. Kill it and then climb the steps. Pull out the Venomous Viper Silver Sword from the stone at the top.

Head back down the stairs and continue along the path to the left. At the fork in the road head to the left towards the house on the hill.

Kill the 2 Gargoyle Specters in front of the house and go inside. The answer to the riddle is of course a mirror but Gaunter will break any mirrors that you get close to. What is like a mirror but can’t be broken? Water!

Look for the dry fountain in the courtyard and examine the footprints near the cracked wall. Use Aard on the wall to break it and release the water. The reflection in the water is the answer to the riddle.

After the challenge O’Dimm will be banished and Olgierd will be so thankful that he gives you his sword, Iris. This completes the quest and the Hearts of Stone expansion.

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