Back in Jerusalem now and you’ll discover that the Templars are involved with Robert de Sable. Start with accessing the View Points and then do the Investigations as usual.


  1. Pickpocket – In the northern part of the district.
  2. Informer Assassination Challenge – Eliminate five targets.
  3. Rooftop Race Challenge
  4. Interrogation
  5. Archers Stealth Assassination – Kill five targets
  6. Eavesdropping

Robert de Sable

If you stay where you are you may be targeted by archers on the roofs. You can keep moving and take out Robert from here or run to the rooftops for some cover. Either way you’ll be in for quite a challenge.

After finishing the battle here you’ll need to head to Arsuf. On the way you’ll be attacked by soldiers, knights and finally Robert de Sable himself. He has extra strong attacks so be careful.

With all of the enemies defeated it’s time for the final battle in Memory 7.