The Prologue acts as a bit of a tutorial for the game and gives you the basics you need to get started. We’ll go through a few simple scenarios so you can get an idea of how the game is played.

The Synchronization Bar shows you your synchronization with the actual events but it also acts like a health bar. Your health will increase by completing the objectives throughout the game.

Look Around

Press E while standing still to move your head and look around.

Gentle Push

Assassin's Creed Prologue Gentle PushWalk through the crowd while holding Shift. You’ll gently push the people out of the way without them dropping any of their jars. Make it to the DNA Marker without dropping any jars.

Grab and Throw

Assassin's Creed Prologue Grab and ThrowThe Grab and Throw move is useful for battles during the game so you might as well practice now. You do it by holding down the Right Mouse Button, pressing Shift and pushing the direction that you want to make the throw. Grab the guy and throw him back onto the DNA Marker.


To Sprint press forwards, hold Right Click and Space. You’ll need to beat the other guy to the DNA Marker.

Stealth Assassination

Assassin's Creed Prologue Stealth AssassinationLock onto target by pressing F. Select the Hidden Blade, walk up behind him and Left Click to do a stealth assassination.

Witness Indicator

Draw the attention of the guard by jumping up and down or bumping into him.


Assassin's Creed Prologue VanishingNow that you’ve been exposed run to the ladder and climb up it. Hide in the Gazebo on the roof and wait for the guard to come up. He’ll stop looking for you once he loses track of you.


You can walk very close to guards as long as you stay blended. Hold space while walking past them to the marker.

Eagle Vision

Assassin's Creed Prologue Eagle VisionLastly check out your Eagle Vision by pressing the E key. You can use Eagle Vision in the game to find your assassination targets which will show up as gold.

That’s all for the Prologue. Now you’re ready to start Memory 1.