You’re back in Acre for another assassination. This time it will take place near the docks. The investigations are spread fairly evenly over the district.


  1. Eavesdropping – You’ll find out the Sibrand is hiding in the docks. He’s terrified of the assassins.
  2. Informer Escort – Take the informer to a specified location.
  3. Informer Assassination Challenge – Kill three targets.
  4. Interrogation – Sibrand will put a blockade on King Richard.
  5. Pickpocket – Info on northern parts of the docks.
  6. Rooftop Race Challenge – Informer says Sibrand is heading back to his ship soon.


Find a safe way across to the boats without being spotted by the guards. Jump across the boats and poles carefully because Altair can’t swim. Find your way out to the large ship and climb up the side. Climb on board when Sibrand isn’t watching and assassinate him.


Climb the view points and find the investigations.


  1. Eavesdropping – Find out that Jubair meets in the madrasah every day.
  2. Pickpocket
  3. Interrogation
  4. Informer Assassination Challenge – Eliminate three targets.
  5. Rooftop Race Challenge
  6. Merchant Stand Destruction Challenge

Jubair al Hakim

Jubair and his servants all look very similar. After the cut scene they will run off to preach in the streets. If you kill too many of the servants they will all run away. Use Eagle Vision to find out which is the right target and assassinate him from the rooftops.

Once he’s finished continue on with Memory 6.