You’ll have three assassination targets in this memory, one in Damascus, Jerusalem and Acre.


Head straight to the Bureau and speak with the guy there. Your target is in the Rich District so climb up the only available Tower to reveal the rest of the View Points.


  1. Merchant Stand Destruction Challenge – You’ll need to be fairly good with your grab and throw move before you try this challenge. There are two merchant stands that you need to destroy by grabbing and throwing people into it. After destroying the first merchant stand you’ll have the guards after you. If you can’t destroy both of them quickly run away and become inconspicuous before coming back to destroy the second stand.
  2. Eavesdropping – Just the standard eavesdropping mission in the west side of the district.
  3. Informer – Assassination Challenge. Kill two targets and return to the informer.
  4. Pickpocket – The target is in a small alcove. Follow him and steal his letter.
  5. Interrogation – West side of district.
  6. Informer – Flags Challenge. Collect 20 flags in 3 minutes.

Abu’l Nuqoud

Head to the palace for the feast. Climb up the balcony and chase Abu’l. Preferably tackle him to the ground and assassinate him. If you can’t reach him he’ll eventually reach a guard tower where you’ll have to deal with all of his guards as well.


Once again go straight to the Bureau to find out where you need to start looking for clues. Climb up to the view points to find the investigations.


  1. Merchant Stand Destruction – In the north west part of the district.
  2. Informer Assassination Challenge – In the north. Kill two people for the informer.
  3. Pickpocket – To the east of the district.
  4. Interrogation
  5. Archer Stealth Assassination Challenge
  6. Informer Flag Race – Collect 20 flags before the timer runs out.

Wilhelm de Montferrat

Climb into the fortress and take out any archers that stand in your way. It’s best to assassinate Wilhelm from above for this one and then climb back out of the fortress. Make sure you take plenty of daggers with you.


Speak with the leader at the Bureau and then begin the investigations. Once again you need to complete 3 out of the 6 possible investigations.


  1. Informer – Assassination of two targets.
  2. Pickpocket – A letter telling you where the execution is to take place.
  3. Informer Escort – Escort the informer to a location and protect him from the guards.
  4. Eavesdropping
  5. Interrogation
  6. Archer Stealth Assassination – Eliminate three targets for him.

Majd Addin

Go to the place of execution and watch the scene unfold. Once you can move about freely take out Majd Addin and find a way to blend back into the crowd. Visit the Bureau to complete the mission and head on to Memory 5.