In Memory 3 you’ll be given two locations to travel to, Jerusalem and Acre, each with a separate target to eliminate. Both cities have archers on the roofs and are more heavily defended than Damascus. Acre in particular has a lot of soldiers wandering the streets.


Follow the signs from Maysaf to Acre and rescue the citizen outside the gates. A group of scholars will appear allowing you to join them and pass through the gates unmolested.

Once inside the city head up to the first view point. This will reveal all of the other view points and the Assassin’s Bureau on the map. You’ll need to find the Bureau first before doing any of the investigations.

Acre Investigations

There are six investigations to find and you’ll need to complete two of them before you can attempt the assassination on Garnier.

  1. Eavesdropping – Some of the guards in the city have gone AWOL
  2. Informer (Kill a Knight)
  3. Interrogation – You’ll find out that the best time to attempt the assassination is when Garnier is “looking after” his patients
  4. Pickpocket – Knights guard this location so you’ll need to deal with them before attempting the pickpocket
  5. Stealth Assassination – Kill the two archers without being seen
  6. Informater (Flag Challenge) – Find 20 flags in 3 minutes

Once you’ve made the investigations head back to the Bureau for the location of Garnier.

Garnier de Naplouse

Make your way towards the castle. Save the citizen outside and then join the scholars to get inside. As you try to get close to Garnier some of the patients will start to punch you. Ignore them and try to sneak up to Garnier with the hidden blade. After the successful assassination run back to the Bureau and speak with the man there.


The second part of this memory is to assassinate Talal in Jerusalem. Find a horse outside of Acre and make your way there. Once again you’ll need to save a citizen before sneaking into the city with the scholars.

As usual climb up a tower for a view point and then head to the Bureau to begin your investigations.

Jerusalem Investigations

  1. Eavesdropping – Save the citizen near to this location to pass beyond the gate with the scholars
  2. Informer – Eliminate two guards and return to the informer
  3. Interrogation – You’ll learn of Talal’s slaves imprisoned within a warehouse
  4. Informer – Another flag challenge
  5. Informer Escort – After doing this investigation you’ll find out where Talal will run to when you attempt the assassination
  6. Pickpocket – Steal a map to find the locations of Talal’s guards

Return to the Bureau and you’ll be given the go ahead to assassinate Talal.


The front entrance to the section of the city where Talal is located is well guarded so you’ll need to find a way in around the back.

Enter into the warehouse and the door will close behind you. Talal will reveal himself but he has many guards with him.

Battle with the guards using all of the tricks you’ve learned so far. Once they’ve been killed climb the ladder and use a throwing knife to quickly kill the guard preventing you from leaving. Climb up the ladder to the outside and chase Talal as quickly as you can.

Make sure you have Talal locked on with the F key. This will help you follow him during the chase and you’ll be able to throw your knives at him when you get a clear shot.

If you don’t kill him quickly he’ll reach a guard post and then you’ll have some big problems. Try to focus on killing Talal first as that’s all you need to do. Once he’s dead run back to the Bureau to finish the memory.

From now on you can fast travel between locations. Once you have finished the assassinations continue on to Memory 4.