Escape from Monkey Island is the fourth game in the Monkey Island series and the first to use 3D graphics. It follows the adventures of Guybrush Threepwwod after his return from a honeymoon with Elaine. Melee Island is in chaos, Elaine’s governorship has been revoked, her mansion is scheduled for demolition and someone suspiciously named Charles L. Charles wants to take over leadership of the island.

If you find yourself getting stuck at a certain spot make sure you’ve spoken with everyone about everything. In order to progress with the game you’ll need to open up various dialogue options. So talk to everyone you see.

Escape from Monkey Island Walkthrough


After the cut-scene you’ll be tied to a pole on a pirate ship. Move Guybrush to the left or right until you can select the brazier. Kick over the brazier of Hot Coals by pressing “U” and then pick, “P”, one of them up. Turn around to face the cannon and kick the hot coal over to the loaded canon. Get ready for a big KABOOM!

Act 1: Things to do on Melee Island When You’re Dead

Melee Island

The catapult operator won’t stop firing boulders no matter what you say so follow the path to the south to the center of town. Walk past the Voodoo Lady’s house and go south to the Scumm Bar. Along the way you’ll bump into Otis and Carla. Ask them to join your crew. When they ask what you have to offer tell them a cushy government job. You can get a contract for one later when you see Elaine.

Enter the Scumm Bar and talk to the bar tender for a little bit of information about what’s been going on in the town. At the back of the bar you’ll see a drunk pirate with a balloon in one corner and the owner of the bar in the other. The drunk pirate has the last basket of pretzels but won’t give them to you. Talk to the dart players and talk one of them into hitting the balloon. The drunk pirate will fall asleep. Walk up and take the Pretzels.

Talk to the owner in the other corner of the bar. Ask him what it will take for him to join your crew. He’ll agree to join if you can beat him at insult arm wrestling. Challenge him to an arm wrestle. If you lose try again until you win. When you win he’ll agree to be the navigator for ship.

Go to the harbor (you can press “O” to leave the town and go to the map) and pick up the Popped Inner Tube. Talk to the harbor mistress about getting a boat but she’ll tell you that you need the proper authority. Go to the mansion and put the Popped Inner Tube on the cactus. Give the Pretzels to the catapult operator. When he leaves to eat them tinker with the controls. When the operator comes back he’ll reset the catapult and shoot a boulder at the cactus. The boulder will get flung back and knock the catapult off the cliff.

Now that the mansion is safe Elaine will come back and enter. Follow her inside. Look around and pick up the documents on the china cabinet. Look at it to find out it’s a Cushy Government Job Contract. Talk to Elaine and get her to sign the contract. Also make sure you ask her about getting a ship and she’ll give you the Gubernational Seal to prove you’re working for her.

Go back to the Scumm Bar and talk to Otis and Carla. Give them the Cushy Job Contract and they’ll join your crew. Head back to the harbor and show the harbor mistress the Gubernatorial Seal and she’ll let you have a ship. Your crew will arrive and you’ll set sail for Lucre Island.

Lucre Island

Enter the law office and and after speaking with the three lawyers read the Letter they give you for Elaine. Go to the bank and watch the cut-scene with the Australian developer. Talk to the lady at the desk and ask to see the safe deposit box. The man will show you into the vault.

After the cut-scene you’ll be trapped in the vault. Take the Sword, Hanky and three Sponges. Look in the open deposit box to find a Music Box and Bottle of Grog. You’ll need to find some way out of the vault. Use the Sword to break the bottom hinge of the door. Use the Broken Sword on the crack and then put all three Sponges in the crack. Pour the  Grog on the Sponges and the door will break open. As soon as you get out you’ll be caught and taken to jail.

Pick up the Chicken Grease from the jail house. Talk to Otis in the cell at the back. He’s been framed as well. At least you’re free to try and find the perpetrator. Go to the Scents and Sensibilities stand and take an Empty Spritzer Bottle from  the pile and the Cologne from the stand. Go to the House of Sticks and take the Wood Shavings from the floor

Enter the Bait Shoppe, talk to the owner and get some free Bait. Take the Duck from outside the shop.

Enter the Palace of Prostheses and speak with Dave. He has an acute sense of smell so show him the Hanky to see if he knows who it belongs to. The scent is too soft so you’ll need to make an amplified version of it so Dave can smell it.

Go to the fountain in the center of town and fill the Spritzer Bottle with water. Add Wood Shavings to the Spritzer Bottle and then add the Bait. Head out of town to Ozzie’s Mansion. Pick the Flower and add it to the Spritzer. Now go to the Marsh and add Water from the puddle to the Spritzer. At any time you can use the home-made perfume and Guybrush will give you a clue as to what is missing.

Find the manhole outside the bank and use the Sword on the manhole cover to open it. Take the Manhole Cover and look at it to see three names. Write down these names because you’ll need to remember them later.

Go back to the Palace of Prostheses and spray Dave with the Spritzer. He’ll tell you the name of the person who smells like that but it’s different every time. Use the filing system to get the Medical Record of that person. You’ll need the first letter of their first, middle and last name. Use the code below.

Bunny: A-D
Tree: E-H
Pumpkin: I-M
Monkey: N-S
Banana: T-Z

The next timed puzzle is a little bit tricky. Ask Dave about a prosthetic hand. Play the Music Box to him so he can’t hear you, look at the basket with the prosthetics and quickly take the Prosthetic Hand. Talk to Dave again and ask him for a free gift for a friend. He’ll tell you a story and ask you to fill in the names. Use the names from the back of the manhole cover. If you get it correct he’ll give you Prosthetic Skin. If you get it wrong he’ll give you a useless item.

Outside you’ll see some chess players. You need to distract them so you can pick up the Clock. Talk to the fat player and try to distract him. When you mention something about food he’ll get distracted and mess up his move. Talk to the skinny player and try to distract him. He’ll remain focused so talk to the fat player again and ask him about the skinny player. He says the skinny player has a crush on Britney. Talk to the skinny player once more and distract him. This time he’ll turn around and mess up his move. When the two chess players start arguing pick up the Clock and head to the marsh.

The Mystes o’ Tyme

Use the Clock on the raft and then use the raft. You’ll paddle out into the marsh. The compass directions will be on your screen to the top left and the time to the bottom right. Look at the record of Pegnose Pete that you got from Dave and write down the directions (the compass direction with the time). Look at the time and go in the direction indicated by the record.

The time will change as you move to a new screen. Look up the new time and continue in the direction indicated. Soon you’ll come to a gate with a future version of Guybrush on the other side.

Pay careful attention to this interaction because you’ll need to repeat all the steps later. The other Guybrush will give you a Skeleton Key, Rope and Chicken Pullley. The order changes every time. Talk to Guybrush and remember the number. Use the Key to open the gate. When future Guybrush goes through he gives you a Gun. Don’t go through the gate to the north. Look at the time and take the direction indicated on the report. It should tell you to go south.

Follow the directions until you reach the gate again. This time you’ll be on the other side. Follow the steps exactly as they happened before. Select the same responses to questions and give Guybrush the items in the same order. Go through the gate, head to the south and follow the directions again.

After a few screens you’ll arrive at Pegnose Pete’s Shack. Walk up to the window and listen to the conversation. The Australian developer and Pegnose Pete are in cahoots. Use the Chicken Grease on the welcome mat and throw the Duck through the window.  Pegnose Pete will come running out and slip into the trap.  after a cut-scene Pete will be captured and you’ll end up back in town.

Back to Lucre Town

Go to the Bank and use the Prosthetic Skin on the manhole cover. Jump on it like a trampoline and you’ll jump up to the open window on the top floor. Climb down the ladder and pull the chain to turn on the lights. Pick up the ScupperWare from the table in the bottom left corner. Climb back up the ladder and look at the strange shadow on the wall. It looks like a nose! Guybrush will pick up the Prosthetic Nose.

At the Bait Shop use the Prosthetic Hand on the Termites. and Guybrush will figure out how to grab them. Pick up some more free Bait and use the Bait with the Scupperware.

Go to Ozzie’s Mansion and talk to Mandril. Use the Cologne on the platypus to make him angry. Mandril will break his walking stick and head out to town.

Make your way to the House of Sticks and use the Prosthetic Hand with Termites on the Mandril’s walking stick. Mandril will buy the Walking Stick but leave a trail of sawdust behind him.

Head back to Ozzie’s Mansion and talk to Mandril. This time ask about the loot. Pretend you know where it is. He’ll get nervous and run off to check up on it. Follow the trail of sawdust into the forest and you’ll find the secret hideout.

When Mandril leaves walk around the back of the island to find a hidden passage. Push the button on the table. A window will be uncovered, revealing the loot in an underwater cave.

Climb back out of the cave and dive into the water. Use the Scupperware with the Bait inside when a Glowing Fish swims past. Guybrush will catch one and use it like a lamp. Now you’ll be able to see a secret grotto entrance to the left. Enter and pick up the Loot and the Screw that falls down. Go back to the Jail and speak to the inspector. Show him the Loot and the Screw. You’ll get a long cut-scene which completes the first Act. Afterwards you’ll end up back on Melee Island.

Act 2: Enter the Manatee

Melee Island

After the cut-scene leave the mansions and enter the town. Go to the House of Mojo and use the finger on the hand. The pointing finger is the one you want to pull. When you do the Voodoo Lady will appear. Talk to her about the ultimate insult and then another dialogue option will open up about heirlooms. When you ask her about them she’ll give you Earrings, a Necklace and a Pen on a Chain.

Leave town and go to Meathook’s on the north-west side of the island. Talk to him about the fourth gift and he’ll tell you that he thinks it’s one of his paintings that looks like a landscape. Talk to him about his painting until he picks up the bucket with the paintbrush and places it down on the other side of him. You can now grab the Paintbrush.

Leave Meathook’s and go to the harbor. Walk to the grog machine and look at the coin return slot. Take the Coin and use it to buy a can of grog. It will get stuck in the machine. Kick, punch, shake and yell at the machine until the cans come out. Pick up a can of Grog.

Go to the Lua Bar in town and take the sit down on one of the bar stools. That’s an interesting painting of a landscape on the wall. Could it be Meathook’s?

Call the waiter and order a flaming scuttlefish. own on one of the stools and order a Flaming Scuttlefish. Let it float past you and get ready with the Paintbrush. When the flaming dish is about to float under the painting on the wall use the Paintbrush to break the conveyor device. If you do it when the dish goes behind the pillar it will stop under the painting.

When the chef comes out to fix the device run into the kitchen and use the Grog on the steam generator. After the cut-scene you’ll have the Painting. If the dish stops in the wrong place the chef will come out and pull out the paintbrush. When he goes back pick up the Paintbrush from the counter and try again.

Head to the harbor where your crew are still waiting and use the Earrings on the figurehead. She’ll come to life. Next use the Necklace, Pen on a Chain and Painting with the figurehead. You’ll end up sailing to the port at Jambalaya Island.

Jambalaya Island

Enter the town and take a look around if you want. Look at the outside window of Starbuccaneer’s Coffee. You’ll notice a coffee cup but can’t grab it from here. Go inside and pick up the Coffee Cup by the window. Give the Coffee Cup to the man at the counter and you’ll be given a refill. Speak to the lady tourist and ask her about the ultimate insult. Ask about the piece that looks like a golden man and she’ll tell you it looks like the diving trophy. Look in her bag on the floor and take the Mug. Go to the counter and take a Bagel. Eat the Bagel and you’ll spit out Bagel Leftovers.

Leave the store and walk up to the statue. Speak to the man admiring the statue and ask him about the ultimate insult. Ask him about the piece that looks like a bronze hat and he’ll point out that the hat of the bronze statue was stolen. Exhaust all dialogue options and he’ll tell you that pirates stole the bronze hat and took it back to Knuttin Atoll.

Leave town or press ‘O’ to go to the map. Walk past the diving area, you’ll go there later, and head to Stan’s Timeshare office. Pick up the Glue by the door and drink the Coffee from Starbuccaneer’s. If you don’t drink the coffee you’ll fall asleep while talking to Stan. Take a Pamphlet from the table and ask Stan about timeshare. Let him give you his sale’s pitch. After a few hours he’ll finally finish and give you a Monkey Meal Coupon as a free gift.

Walk back into town and go to the Micro-Groggery. Carla is here getting drunk so she’s not going to be any help. Talk to the bartender and order some Grog. You’ll be given Weak Grog. Ask about the manatee ride if you want. It’s another way to get a coupon. To do it this way you need to pour Glue over the manatee and then take the challenge. Guybrush will hang on for 2 hours and win a Monkey Meal Coupon.

Enter Planet Threepwood with Murray outside. Have a chat with him if you want but he doensn’t have anything important to say. As soon as you enter take a look at the Menu by the door. Walk down the steps and speak with the tourist looking at the statue of Elaine. Ask him about the ultimate insult and ask about the monkey head. He’ll say it looks like the special cups used here at Planet Threepwood.

Talk to the waitress and let her know you’re ready to order. I don’t think it matters exactly what you order but make sure you ask for some kind of drink. When you’re sitting at the table talk to the jolly pirate and let him draw a Picture of you. Look at the picture in your inventory. He’s drawn the silver mug as well. Use the Glue with the picture and stick the picture on the Mug that you stole from the lady in Starbuccaneer’s. Replace the fake mug with the real Silver Monkey Head Mug.

Walk back to the docks. Your navigator hasn’t finished fixing the ship so take the rowboat instead. Row over to Knuttin Atoll, the island to the east. Along the way you’ll be stopped by a guy on a large ship who claims to be capturing pirates. Give him any response and continue to the southern beach of the Atoll.

Knuttin Atoll

This island looks rather sparse but there are a few places to visit. Walk to the north and take a look at the puppet show. It’s Little Guybrush and Little Le’Chuck!  Talk to Le’Chuck and Guybrush and keep asking to speak to the puppeteer until he comes out. Show him the picture of the Ultimate Insult and he’ll run off, dropping the puppets. Pick up the two Puppets and make your way over to the school.

Talk to the lady outside and ask to join the class. You’ll go inside and sit at a desk. After a very long lesson you’ll be given a quiz. There’s no way to pass but you want to lose badly. Answer by saying the most horrible things possible. At the end you’ll be given the Dunce Cap. Outside the class pull the fire alarm and the teacher will go running out. Quickly go back inside and look at the chest of items. Take the Whistle.

Go back to the beach and walk north. You’ll come across a couple of pirates having a chat. The lady pirate will run off when you arrive. Speak to the fat pirate about everything. He resembles the pirate statue in the town center of Jambalaya island. Head back to Jambalaya island.

Jambalaya Island

Run up the steps and take another look at the statue. Talk to the tourist about everything. He may say all the same things but I find I can’t progress until I talk to him after talking to the fat pirate. Return to the fat pirate on Knuttin Atoll.

Knuttin Atoll

Speak to the pirate again and ask him about his father. This time he should open up to you about what happened to him. Ask him what happened to his father’s statue and he’ll tell you about the bronze hat. Ask him where it’s buried and he’ll tell you it’s under one of the boulders on the beach but he can’t remember which one.

Walk to the east and use the Whistle to call the parrots. One of the parrots always tells the truth and the other always lies. Give one of the parrots a sip of Weak Grog to make it drunk. You’ll see it swaying from side to side. Now you can distinguish between the parrots. Ask one of them a simple question to find out which one tells the truth and which one lies.

Ask the truthful parrot which way the bronze hat is buried. Follow the directions and make your way along the beach. Asking the parrot if this is the rock and if it isn’t which direction to go. This process is a little tedious but eventually you’ll find the boulder with the hat buried beneath it. Use the Puppets and the captain of the ship out at sea will fire a cannon at you, digging up the sand. Guybrush will find the Bronze Hat. Row back to Jambalaya Island.

Jambalaya Island

Head to the diving platform and talk to Marco. Challenge him to a diving competition but he’ll tell you to get certified first. Walk up to the judges and ask to get certified. After a lengthy process you’ll be cleared for diving.

Go back to Marco de Pollo and challenge him to a dive. The first time you try you’ll lose. When you get back down speak to each of the judges and ask them what you did wrong.

Open your inventory and Look at the Time Share Pamplet from Stan. One of the characters looks like the grumpy judge. Show the Pamphlet to the grumpy judge on the left. He’ll agree to judge you fairly if you don’t tell his wife about it. Speak to the old judge in the middle and he’ll tell you that you need to not make a splash to get a perfect score. Next time wear the Dunce Cap to prevent splashes. The hippie judge on the right will give you the keystrokes you need to use to make the diving moves. They should be as follows:

Alpha Monkey – Up Arrow
Spinning Sword – Right Arrow
Keelhaul – Up Arrow
RumBarrel – Down Arrow

Before you start the competition again use the Bagel Chunk on Marco’s lotion. This will ruin his second dive later on. When you get to the top of the tower wear the Dunce Hat. For the first dive Marco will go first. Listen to what moves he’s making and get ready to copy them. When it’s your turn hit the right keys to copy his dive exactly. You don’t need to time it, just hit the keystrokes as you’re about to dive.

For the second dive you go first so you can do whatever you like. The bagel-filled lotion will ruin Marco’s second dive because the seagulls will attack him. After winning the competition and being given the Trophy you’ll be taken back to Melee Island.

Act 3: Escape from Monkey Island

Monkey Island

When you arrive on the island read the note. Take notice of the bananas overhead. Walk to the clearing and speak to Herman. Take the Coconut and look at the Note if you want. Herman seems to have lost his memory. Hit Herman over the head with the Coconut and he’ll regain some of his memory. Talk to him again to find out what he knows.

Go to the mine in the canyon and take the Banana Picker. Walk back to the beach and use the Picker to collect all of the Bananas. Give a Banana to Timmy the monkey and he’ll start following you. Lead him all the way to the mine.

Give Timmy another Banana, head into the mine and continue forwards until you come to a steel door. Open the vent and throw a Banana inside. When Timmy climbs into the vent close it behind him to trap him inside. Use a Banana on the portal and Timmy will climb on the latch and open the door. Walk down the tunnel to the machinery and use the Picker to grab the Weed Whipper.

Make your way to Vista Point, the hill south of the volcano. For this puzzle you’ll need to drop rocks into the canals so one of them comes out of the center hole and gets thrown into the lava.

Start by picking up a rock and throwing into the right hole. When it rolls past a root throw a rock into the middle hole. When the next root shakes throw a rock into the left hole. When the third root shakes throw the final rock into the left hole. If the timing was correct a rock should fall down the center hole and into the lava.

It’s easiest if you stand behind the pile of boulders. Guybrush doesn’t need to move. He can perform all of his actions from there. The process again is to throw a boulder into the Right, Middle, Left and Left canals.

Head to the Church of LeChuck and use the Banana Picker to take the two Shields from the eyes of the skull above the church door. Talk to the priest and ask him about the river of lava. Convince him to let you ride on the lava boat.

The Bottle will be on one side of a platform. There are logs dotted around the place as well. Bump into the logs if you need to clear a path and steer the boat towards the Bottle. When you get close use the Banana Picker to grab it.

Next steer into the lava pool that was made when the boulder landed in the lava. Get out and use the Weed Whipper to clear the weeds. The lava will burst through the ground and fill up the mine with the machinery. Walk up the path and kick over the palm tree to make a path back to the southern side of the island.

Go back to the map and head to the Monkey Village to the north. Talk to JoJo Jr. and ask him about Monkey Kombat. He’ll tell you the rules of the game. End the conversation and look at the monkey playing the accordion in the hut to the north. Stand in front of the monkey and Use the two Shields (Cymbals). He’ll jump down and grab them off you, dropping the accordion in the process. Pick up the Accordion.

Monkey Kombat

There are monkeys wandering around in the forest and you can challenge them to kombat. You’ll need to beat the regular monkeys before challenging JoJo Jr. To win you need to figure out which insults beat other insults. Write them down so you remember. Defeat the monkeys in this order: Timid, Smelly, Strapping and Brawny. Once you’ve defeated them all challenge JoJo Jr. and defeat him to win a Bronze Hat.

Head back to the clearing and speak with Herman again. Hit him with the Milk Bottle and then the Accordion. Hopefully he’ll regain his memory. This part of the game is pretty buggy. Sometimes he won’t remember anything no matter how times you hit him or with what. If he doesn’t regain his memory no matter what you do you may need to find a SAVE game just after this conversation.

You can find the Escape from Monkey Island Save Files here.

If it does work and Herman regains his memory talk to him about everything until he gives you the Gubernatorial Seal.

Go to the giant monkey head and put the Bronze Hat on the head. Use the Banana Picker on the nose to open the mouth and go inside. Use the Gubernatorial Seal on the “prominent slot” inside the control room. After the cut-scene you’ll be taken to the final act.

Act 3+: Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt

Walk to the right of the screen and pick up the Plank. Use the Plank on the short tower. Climb the short tower and then jump on the plank. You’ll bounce up to the tall tower. Flip the switch on the conch shell to turn off Ozzie Mandril’s contraption.

After the cut-scene you’ll be in Monkey Kombat with a giant statue of LeChuck. Luckily this time you don’t need to win, you only need to draw three times. When Lechuck makes a move copy it to draw. After doing this three times Elaine will escape from LeChucks fist. After another short cut-scene LeChuck will explode!

This concludes the Escape from Monkey Island walkthrough. Congratulations on making it all the way to the end! If you enjoyed this game make sure you check out the other Monkey Island games, The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2 and The Curse of Monkey Island.