Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom was released for MS-DOS and Windows in 1992. In this game Hugo and Penelope crash land in a jungle and Penelope gets bitten by a spider. Hugo must go in search of a cure before she dies.

Hugo 3 is shorter then the last game but it’s incredibly difficult to beat without a walkthrough. It does come with a hint system that’s designed to make the game a little bit easier if you get stuck. As in the previous two games you’ll use the arrow keys to move around and a text parser to input commands.

Hugo 3 Walkthrough

After the cut-scene walk east back to the plane. Walk up to the plane and type GET IN PLANE. TAKE the SANDWICH, CLAY, PINS, CUBE and WATER FLASK. GET OUT of the plane and walk west, west and west again. Before you cross the bridge TIE VINES and then walk across. Go west.

Follow the outer path and TAKE SCROLL from the ground. READ SCROLL and then follow the lower path around to the east. TAKE BELL.

Walk east past the waterfall, east past the cave and east to the boulder. Walk behind the boulder and LOOK BEHIND BOULDER. TAKE CRYSTAL and then RUB CRYSTAL. Take the upper path to the west.

Go north to the village and wait for the village girl to stop talking to you. GIVE CUBE TO GIRL in exchange for a blow pipe and sleeping dart.

Walk behind the hut on the right and type LOOK BEHIND HUT to see a notice pinned to the wall of the hut. Come back to the front of the hut and walk east. Enter the witch doctor’s hut.

The witch doctor will put you under a spell and place you in a cage. MAKE STATUE OUT OF CLAY and then PUT PINS IN CLAY to perform some voodoo on the witch doctor. When he falls over OPEN DOOR and walk over to the small red cage.

PUT SANDWICH IN CAGE and walk over to the right side of the hut. Wait for the mouse to take the bait and walk over to the red cage. TAKE CAGE. Walk close to the cauldron and TAKE CANDLE. Leave the hut.

Walk west, south, west and west to the elephant to the stream. Walk close to the river and SWING ON VINES to the other side. You don’t need to do this but you’ll get a few extra points. SWING ON VINES back again.

Walk slightly north between the river and the fern to find a spell book. TAKE BOOK and then walk back east to the elephant.

Walk to the right side of the elephant and SHOOT ELEPHANT. DROP CAGE and then OPEN CAGE to let the mouse free. The elephant will run away and fall asleep in the middle of the stream, blocking it’s path.

Walk east, east and take the lower path west. Walk west and then walk up close to the waterfall. Walk west to the pool and PUT WATER IN FLASK.

Walk east, east and east back to the cave. Stand at the cave entrance and READ SPELL to banish the ghost. Enter the cave. The old man will ask you three questions. Answer NO, NO and YES. he’ll let you up a secret path back to the other side of the bridge.

Walk east and east back to Penelope. GIVE FLASK TO PENELOPE to save her and win the game!

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