Hugo’s House of Horrors is a classic adventure game. You play the role of Hugo who must enter a haunted house in search of his true love, Penelope. You’ll have to find objects and solve puzzles along the way, while avoiding being killed by any number of monsters.

You can move Hugo around by using the arrow keys and typing in commands to make him perform actions.  Press F1 for the help menu, F2 to toggle sound on and off, F3 to repeat the last command, F4 to Save, F5 to Restore, F6 for Inventory and F9 to exit.

Hugo’s House of Horrors Walkthrough

You begin the adventure outside a haunted house. TAKE PUMPKIN and then OPEN PUMPKIN. A key will fall out. TAKE KEY and use it to UNLOCK DOOR. Walk into the house.

Walk up to the table and TAKE CANDLE. You’ll notice a small hole underneath the stairs. Stand near it and LOOK HOLE. TAKE KNIFE and TAKE WHISTLE.

Walk up the stairs and enter the first door on the left which leads to the bedroom. OPEN WARDROBE and walk inside. LOOK to see a mask on the ground. TAKE MASK and the PUT MASK ON.

Leave the bedroom and enter the next door on the right. LOOK MIRROR to see the numbers 333 written there. You’ll need to remember them for later.

Leave the bathroom and enter the door on the right to the proffessor’s lab. He’ll talk to you when you get close and tell you to stand in the box. Walk into the large box by the back wall. The proffessor will shrink you down to a tiny size!

Walk over to the laboratory table and LOOK TABLE. There’s a bung (cork) on the table. You’ll need to squeeze in behind the glass to get close enough. Walk behind the glass and then TAKE BUNG.

Walk back into the box and TELL IGOR TO PRESS RED BUTTON. Now you can no longer balance. Get back in the box and TELL IGOR TO PRESS YELLOW BUTTON. That’s almost done it but you need one more try. TELL IGOR TO PRESS GREEN BUTTON.

After you’re back to your normal self leave the laboratory and pick up your MASK that fell on the floor. WEAR MASK and walk down the stairs. Go through the door to the right to the dining room.

Walk up to the butler and he’ll offer you a chop. Say YES. Take the top door on the left into the kitchen and then head out the back door.

Walk up to the garden shed and OPEN DOOR. It’s a combination lock but luckily you know the combination: 333. Enter the shed and TAKE OILCAN. Leave and walk back to the kitchen.

You’ll need to act quickly on the next screen. It’s best to get your command ready before heading through the door on the left. Type in THROW CHOP but don’t press enter. Go through the left door and when the dog attacks press enter to throw the chop.

LOOK UNDER RUG to find a trapdoor underneath. OPEN TRAPDOOR. It’s bolted shut. UNDO BOLT. It’s too tight. OIL BOLT and then UNDO BOLT. Finally you’ll be able to OPEN TRAPDOOR.

Walk into the cave between the two rocks just to the left of the door. When you enter bats will attack you. BLOW WHISTLE quickly before the bats attack and they’ll get disorientated. If you get close to them you’ll still be killed so walk around them and head to the next room to face a mummy. You’ll need to lure it around so that it gets stuck on the rocks while you pick up the treasure on the right.

The mummy moves fast so save your game before this encounter. Follow the arrows in the picture above to lure the mummy around the rock to the right side of the screen. TAKE TREASURE and leave through the door to the north. There’s a boat that you could use to make your escape, if only it didn’t have a hole in it. Luckily you picked up that cork. USE CORK IN HOLE.

ENTER BOAT and UNTIE ROPE. The rope is tied up in a tricky knot. The best thing to do is CUT ROPE. PUSH BOAT to set sail and you’ll travel up to the old man’s pier.

The Old Man will ask you some questions before he’ll let you go. Here’s the questions and answers.

1. Q: What was the name of the hero in “The Hobbit”?
A: Bilbo.

2. Q: Where did Aslan live? (Hint: Not in a wardrobe)
A: Narnia.

3. Q: Who invented Count Dracula?
A: Bram Stoker.

4. Q: What should you do with a pan-galactic gargle blaster?
A: C, Drink it (Just type C).

5. Q: What’s the name of the only mammal that can’t fly that can fly?
A: Man.

6. Q: What was the name of Roy Rogers’ dog?
A: Bullet.

7. Q: Did you register this shareware?
A: Yes.

LEAVE BOAT and walk off the pier into the cavern on the right. A Guard is standing watch over Penelope. GIVE GOLD COIN TO GUARD and he’ll release Penelope and you’ll win the game!

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