Kings Quest (2015)

Snow Place Like Home is the fourth chapter of the King’s Quest game and retells the adventures of King Graham and his son Prince Alexander. The time frame for the story is King’s Quest 3, when the evil wizard Manannan kidnaps Prince Alexander and makes him his slave.

There’s a lot of story telling, particularly in the first part of the game. I’ll include the full playthrough and guide to all the puzzles in the videos below. You can click here if you’re looking for answers to the Labyrinth puzzles.

The Kidnapping

You start the game having to look after the newborn twins. First look in the table at the foot of the large bed and take a Diaper and the Baby Formula.

To the bottom left of the screen pour the Baby Formula into a Baby Bottle and then look at the fireplace. Put the Baby Bottle into the fire until it warms up and then take it out. When it starts to change color it’s warm enough.

Give the Baby Bottle to Princess Rosella, the baby on the left. She’ll drink it. Burp her by pressing down as indicated. Use the Diaper on Prince Alexander, the baby on the right. He’s still not happy so use the Baby Formula on another Baby Bottle and warm it up as before. Try to give it to Alexander but he won’t take it.

Press the button on the Musical Mobile Toy on Alexander’s crib. You’ll pick him up. From here you need to wait till he stops crying and then walk around while you sing the song. If you bump into anything you’ll have to start again. Once you’ve finished the song you’ll put Alexander back in his crib.

Watch the cut-scene and continue to the second part of the story.

Follow the path through the forest until ¬†you have a chat with Valanice. She’ll enter the cave. Walk to the right and look in all three goblin holes. At the last one you’ll drop down into Many’s old room. Search the room by looking at the bookshelf, bed and hay. In one of the spots you’ll find some of the baby’s cloth.

Family Holiday

Back in the castle you’ll have a staring contest with Rosella. Just keep the cursor focused on her face. After deciding to go on a holiday you’ll take Prince Alexander into town. Depending on the path you’ve chosen one of the shops will be open. Enter the shop and speak with whoever’s there.

After more dialogue you’ll need to pack the luggage for everyone. Here’s the order you need to place the luggage into the cart.

King's Quest Chapter 4 Luggage Puzzle

Follow the order of the picture above. The exact placement should be pretty easy to work out. During the ride you’ll play a memory game with the family. Just repeat everything everyone says in order to win the game.

When you arrive in Avalon the family will walk off, leaving you to carry all the luggage. Pick it up and follow the family down the path to the ‘hotel’.

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