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After completing most of the puzzles you’ll stumble across the riddle room. There are four tables with a number of items on each. the Sphinx will give you a riddle and you’ll need to find the right item to place on the pedestal in the next room before opening the door.

Riddle 1) I have a head but no arms to flail. I have no legs yet I have a tail.

Answer) Coin

Grab the Gold Coin from the first table on the left and place it on the pedestal in the room behind the Sphinx. Open the door.

Riddle 2) What am I? Every morning a noggin I shed, and every evening I regain my head.

Answer) Pillow

Place the Pillow from the back table on the left and put it on the pedestal. Open the next door.

Riddle 3) Some parts of me are round, some parts of me are straight. Our picture can be clear, but we love to obfuscate.

Answer) Puzzle Piece

Grab the Puzzle Piece from the back table on the right and take it to the pedestal. Open another door for the next riddle.

Riddle 4) What am I? Fit for a King, and taste very sweet. Thick or Thin, served for breakfast, Graham’s favorite treat.

Answer) Pan + Cake

This time you need two items but you can only hold one at a time. Grab the Pan from the lower right table and place it on the pedestal. Then run back and grab the Cake, on the upper right table, to  put on the pedestal also. Open the next door.

Riddle 5) What am I? Higher than the shining stars and greater than any land or sea. What’s the one thing that’s worth breaking the bonds of your family?

Answer) Nothing

Go to the next room and open the door without putting anything on the pedestal.

Puzzle 13

Outside with the Sphinx you’ll need to navigate your way through this puzzle. The tiles are placed on the sides and you need to visualize how the path would look. Here’s the path you need to take to make it to the door.


After going through the door make your way up the spiral pathway to the staircase at the top. Once you meet the ‘Ice Queen’ you’ll be taken to the Carving Room. Investigate all of the statues until Alexander appears at the puzzle on top of the room.

When he makes it to the end of the puzzle press the keys as indicated to cast a fireball and get his attention. Use the bow and arrow to aim for the Sphinx’s mouth. Watch the cut-scene and continue on to some more puzzles.

Climbing Wall Puzzle

This puzzle you’ll need to do with Rosella. She has a different path but will make all the same movements as you. You’ll need to backtrack a few times to help her get through.

The Death Trap

Queen Valanice must follow the purple path along the board while avoiding all of the arrows. The Ice Statue on the other side can’t move the Shield Statues which makes this game much easier than the one against Many. You can kill the Ice Statue but he will reappear again. Don’t worry about killing the Ice Statue until you are right at the end and need to go through the door. Just move the Shield Statues out of the way and make sure Valanice can’t get hurt as she makes her way down the path.

The Ice Queen

Once through the death trap you’ll confront the ‘Ice Queen’. Watch the cut-scene and when you get the chance instruct Alexander to shoot the arrow into the Sphinx’s mouth again, the only place he is vulnerable. Near enough is close enough, as long as you target towards the Sphinx.

Puzzle Room

The final puzzle room includes a number of different puzzles that must be completed in order to find all the clues. Walk to the right and turn the painting around under the 2. This forms a clue that we’ll need later. Walk to the matches and take a look at them.

The Match Puzzle

You need to remove four matches to leave three triangles. The picture below shows which matches need to be removed to make this work.


Have a look at the numbers inside the remaining triangles. They are 1 – 4 – 6. Go back to the room to the left and look at the chest. Enter in the numbers 1,4 and 6 to open the chest and take your the Sequence of Colors. Rosella will also find a Clue and place it on the table.

Give the Sequence of Colors to Valanice and she’ll play a tune with it on the Xylophone which will flip over one of the tiles, revealing a purple path. Alexander will finish his puzzle and have one Puzzle Piece left over. It has a picture of a heart on it. Another tile will flip over.

Go to the statue on the left and grab the Clue out of his hand. Place this on the table where Rosella put her clue.

Door Handle Puzzle

You can pull two door handles. Most of them don’t do anything. You need to find the two door handles that are connected to each other. If you can’t find them have a look below for the right ones.


Inside you’ll find another Clue piece. Place it on the table with the others. At that moment Rosella will find the last Clue piece and place it on the table.

Deciphering the Clues

Take a look at the table with the clues. They seem to be a series of symbols on the left connected to letters on the right. In both the rooms there are frames with the numbers 1 to 4 in them. Have a look at frame one in the right room. Next to it is a picture of a horseshoe, if you look carefully.

Frame two has the picture that you turned sideways. It’s an arrow pointing to the right. Follow the arrow to another arrow pointing down to a timer. This is the second clue.

Back in the first room, frame 3 is above the puzzle that Alexander was doing. The clue he got form that was a puzzle piece with a heart on it.

Frame 4 is above Valanice playing the Xylophone. It’s a little tricky but the clue for this is the stars. Take a look at the table with clues again and follow the symbols to the letters. They spell the word ‘LOVE’.


Go to the room to the right look at the door. Turn the lock on the door to the word L O V E. Go back to the room to the left and follow the now complete purple path all the way to the door and open the door. Watch the final cut-scene.

Congratulations on completing King’s Quest Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home! I hope you’ve enjoyed this walkthrough. Continue with King’s Quest Chapter 5 here.