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Midnight Burrows

To enter the Midnight Burrows you’ll need to make your way down to the area with the three bells. You can find it by going all the way south from the Wellspring.

When you reach the Bells speak with Tokk. He knows there’s a way to open the entrance but doesn’t know the code. Take a look at the height of the stones. Some are tall and some are short. The height of the stones reflects the length of the bell flowers.

To ring one of the flowers you’ll need to Bash off it. Jump to the next one and do the same thing until the code is complete.

The code is Left, Middle, Right, Right, Left, Middle and Left. The roots blocking the entrance will fade away. Drop down and activate the Spirit Well to the left and then head to the right.

This is a small area but you will need to deal with the portals. If you look closely at the map you can see which portals are connected.

Use a Light Burst to get up to the portal above. This takes you to the portal further up. Walk over to the left to find Lupo.

Drop all the way down to the portal directly below and you should have enough speed to make it up to the next area. Float down and grab the first Keystone.

Dash through the portal to the left and you’ll drop down from the portal above. This should give you enough speed to make it up to the ledge on the right side.

Drop down off the edge to the right and go through the portal to the left. It will take you to the portal further to the right. Jump up to the Lever and pull it to open the door above for a short while.

Use a Light Burst to Bash up and dash through the door before it closes. This area gives you access to the next two Keystones. You can also smash the barrier to the east to make a path back to one of the beginning areas of the game.

When you’re done with the section to the right use the portals to drop down to the section below. Pull the Lever to lift up the tree stumps and then grab the final Keystone.

Make your way back to the central ledge. Drop down on the right side and go through the portal on the left. This takes you to the higher portal on the right. Jump across to the portal on the left side and it will take you to the top portal where you can pick up the Deflector Shard

Drop down and head up on the left side. Use the keystones to open the door and grab the Curious Tablet. This is supposed to contain another code that opens the way to the Spirit Tree above.

Climb back up to Tokk and talk to him for information. The code is Left, Right, Left, Middle, Left, Right, Right, Middle, Left. If you do that right the tree to the right should fade away. When you absorb the light from the Spirit Tree you’ll gain an extra 25% damage for your attacks.

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