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Silent Woods

From Kwolok’s pool head to the east and dive into the water in front of the Tentacle. To break the underwater wall leading to Silent Woods you’ll need to deflect a fireball from the plant creature. Make your way around the passages until you get the notification that you’re entering the Silent Woods.

Head across to the east and make sure you avoid the tar pits as you jump across the rocks and logs. You can use the bubbles to get a big boost to your jump.

When you see the blue flower grapple up the crevice and walk to the right for the Spirit Well. From here head back to the left and you’ll meet Kii. His garden is dying and he asks you to take a Lifeless Branch to the gardener.

Continue to the left and drop off the edge to the hut. A Moki back in the Wellspring Glades will have given you the Hut Key.

Go inside and take the Petrified Doll. Unfortunately the Moki’s family didn’t make it. Go back outside and climb up again.

Head to the right and go back to the Spirit Well. It’s a good time to go back to the Wellspring Glades and complete those quests. Take the Lifeless Branch to the Gardener who’ll tell you he can’t do anything with it. Also tell the Moki to the west about his family.

Take the Spirit Well back to the Silent Woods and talk to Kii. This time he’ll give you a Seed. Take the Seed back to the Gardener and he’ll plant it. Go to the Spirit Tree that grows from the seed and activate it for a 25% damage boost. Head back to the Spirit Well and return to the Silent Woods.

Drop down the crevice and continue to the right. Bounce off the bubbles to grab the first Keystone.

Use a bubble to bounce up and climb up for the second Keystone. Drop down and use the Keystones to open the door to the right.

Continue to the right and eventually you’ll be reunited with Ku. Unfortunately Shriek is nearby so you’ll need to be careful. For the rest of this level you’ll be riding on Ku. You can fire the Spirit Arc, flap Ku’s wings and glide but you you won’t be able to use any of your other abilities.

Glide across to the right and flap your wings at the embers to create a fire. You can now float on the air current above.

Fly up to the top and either flap your wings to blow the explosive bug into the breakable wall to the right or shoot it a couple of times with the Spirit Arc. Inside you’ll find Gorlek Ore.

Float to the left and speak with the little creature again. The next door needs four Keystones to open. The first Keystone is above in a secret cave.

Float to the top of this cavern and shoot the infection on the left for the second Keystone. Drop down a little and shoot the bug for the third Keystone.

Wait for the bug to respawn and let it chase you down to the breakable wall. Either shoot it or flap your wings to blow into the wall so it explodes. Head through and float down for the fourth Keystone.

Float up to the door and use the Keystones to open it. Head to the right and shoot the infection in the spikes. The spikes are actually teeth that will fall down and close on top of you if you’re not careful.

Make your way around the cavern and up the top start the fire burning. Float up for another Gorlek Ore.

Continue up and to the left. Use the bubbles to make it past the tar pits. When you reach the open area you’ll find the start of the Spirit Trial. You won’t be able to race at the moment while you have Ku with you.

Jump up onto the large wing to the right. When Shriek flies past it will collapse. Make your way to the right and you’ll see the Feather. Continue through the log and shoot the infection when you see it.

Keep moving because Shriek will be after you. Just to the right you’ll find another Spirit Well. Float up and take the path to the top right. Continue to the right until you get a cut-scene with Shriek.

Make your way through the cavern until you find Ku. It looks like he’s dead but maybe there’s hope that he’ll recover.

After the final cut-scene you’ll be back at Kwolok’s pond. The other forest creatures will look after Ku while you search for the wisps.

At this stage you might want to head back into the Silent Woods to find the extra collectibles. There’s no map of the area. You’ll need to explore it all yourself and take the map back to Lupo for a reward.

I’d recommend coming back only after completing Baur’s Reach and the Windswept Wastes as you’ll need the abilities that you find there to complete this area.

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