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The Wellspring

When you arrive in the Wellspring run to the left and talk to Opher. To start the wheels of the mill turning again you’ll need to find a way to open this large door. We’ll get to that in a minute. For now continue to the left and jump up to break a secret wall.

Drop down and make your way to the bottom right corner of this room. Pull the Lever to open a door up the top. Climb up to the top by bashing on the fireball and using the light flowers. Up the top you’ll find the Light Harvest shard which increases the drop rate for health orbs.

Head back to the large door and go down. Slide down around the first mossy wheel. You’ll take a little bit of damage on the thorns. On a ledge in the corner you’ll find an Energy Cell Fragment.

From here jump and dash your way across the murky water to the other side. Destroy the infection holding the wheel in place it will start turning, opening the large door above.

Getting back up is a little bit harder. You’ll need to dash into the second wheel and from there double-jump and dash across to the first mossy wheel. Climb up and head through the door.

Head to the east and jump on the mossy wheels. Past the third wheel is another infection. Destroy it to start the wheels turning quickly.

Continue to the right and use the mossy wheel to fling up to the next area of infection. Destroy it to start the wheels turning in the next area to the right.

Drop down and jump to the next wheel which is half thorns and half moss. Use the poles to swing up and jump across to the static wheel with moss on top.

From here you can shoot the next infection which is up and to the left. This will start the wheel above moving.

Jump up to it and across to the right. Take out the Corrupted Gorlek and then hang onto the pole in the corner. This will lower you down into the pit. Down the bottom you’ll find Gorlek Ore.

Carefully climb back up past the lasers and jump from pole to pole. Continue to the left and use the horizontal pole to swing up to the next infection.

Just up and to the right from here is a secret with a Spirit Light Container. Drop down and continue to the left. You can’t go up yet so continue down and to the left.

You’ll come to the next door but you can’t open it yet. Continue to the left and then drop down to the Spirit Tree. Activate it to get the Grapple ability which lets you grapple up to the blue flowers, moss or other blue hooks.

Use the grapple to get back up, head to the right and then grapple up to the Lever so you can open the door.

Before you go back to the main area of the Wellspring you might want to explore some of the areas that you couldn’t reach before.

Head to the right of the door and grapple up to find Lupo. He’ll sell you a map of the entire area for 150 Spirit Light. There may be some small errors in the map below.

Drop back down and continue to the right. Use the spinning moss wheel to fling yourself up to the Lever. Pull it to lower the level of the murky water down below.

Before you drop down grapple up for an Energy Cell Fragment. Drop all the way down to the area that was revealed when the water lowered.

There’s lots of flying bugs down here so use the Spirit Arc to deal with them quickly. Just to the left you’ll find a Life Cell Fragment.

Head to the right and pull the Lever. This turns the wheel around but it slowly returns to its original position. Pull the lever and then quickly jump up to grab the mossy part of the wheel.

Continue up and break the barrier from this side which takes you back to where you were before.

Make your way to the left to the first large door. Grab the moss above and drop down the pit on the left. At the bottom you’ll find the Thorn shard.

Swing your way back up and make your way to the second door. When you go through you’ll end up back in the main cavern but on a ledge a bit higher. Talk to Tokk and he’ll ask you to find his compass. He lost it somewhere through the next door.

Jump up and shoot the infection above the spiked wheel. This releases a blue flower that you can use to grapple later. For now jump across the mossy wheels to the left and shoot another infection. This lowers one of the mossy wheels so you can grapple onto it from the ground.

Head back to Tokk and use the blue flowers to grapple up to the ledge above the door. In here you’ll find another Life Cell Fragment.

Grapple onto the blue flower to the left and then up to the next blue flower. Dash across to the cavern to the left where the spirit trial takes place. Use the blue flowers to navigate your way up past the thorns and then across to the right to the end of the spirit trial.

Drop off the edge to the right for the Ultra Grapple spirit shard. This shard lets you grapple onto enemies. From here drop off the edge to the left to find the door to the next area.

Once you’re inside talk to the Moki. You can give him the Bag in exchange for a Herb Pouch.

Head to the left and drop down past the lasers. Jump into the room to the left for a battle with a few small creatures. Once you’ve defeated them head into the room to the left to find Opher. He gives you a quick message and then runs off.

Destroy the infection above to get the wheels turning. Head into the room to the right. This room has three levers that you need to pull and each time you pull one the room will rotate.

Grapple across the fast turning wheels at the bottom. Pull the Lever on the other side to rotate the room clockwise.

When the moving stops make your way up the small mossy wheels and then drop down to the center of the room. Drop down to the bottom and dash across to the second Lever.

Pull the Lever to spin the room around clockwise again. When the moving stops make your way up past the first laser and then right into the center. Drop down the other side and grapple onto the fast spinning wheel. Jump up and dash across when the laser to the left stops to make it to the final Lever.

The exit is open now but before heading across jump onto the mossy wheel to the left and fling yourself up. Climb up for Gorlek Ore.

Drop back down and make your way right, down through the center, right and up to the exit. Once you reach the exit grapple your way up the larger wheels to the top and fight the beast up the top.

Dash across the murky water and grapple the cavern to the infection at the top. Once you destroy the infection you’ll see the door above in the main chamber opening.

Continue to the left and head through the wheel to find the Iron Needle.

Drop down and head back through the door. Give the Needle to Tokk and he’ll give you Gorlek Ore as a reward.

To complete this area you’ll need to make your way up to the final door so make sure you’ve collected everything in this cavern before going through. There are a few collectibles on the eastern side of the cavern. Check the map to see their locations. The start of the Spirit Trial is also on the eastern side.

Once you’re done grapple your way up to the top door. It’s just below the finish line of the Spirit Trial. Speak to Opher to learn of a foul presence nearby. Before going up check out the right side of the room for a Mysterious Seed behind a hidden area.

Once you reach the ledge above get ready for a chase scene. The water will burst out of the well and you’ll need to stay ahead of it. After the cut-scene you’ll end up back at the beginning of the level but now all the water is clear.

Before heading back to Kwolok to let him know the mill is running explore the underwater area. You only have a limited amount of air so make sure you press A on the controller to swim faster. You can also Bash off underwater creatures for an added boost.

Swim around to the wheel to the west and use the plant’s fireball to destroy the infection underneath.

When the wheel starts moving you’ll be able to ride it to the top. When you have the feather you’ll be able to float across to Luma Pools but for now make your way back to Kwolok.

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