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Baur’s Reach

If you take the path up from Wellspring Glades and then to the east you’ll come across a giant bear asleep in a cave. To wake the bear wave the feather at him. He’ll wake up for a moment and then fall back to sleep again but at least the cave exit will be clear.

Head to the right and use the flowers to Bash your way up to the top left. Push the square rock over the edge and it will break the bridge below you.

Drop all the way down to the cavern below. Take out the enemies first and then use the feather to light the fire. In a few seconds a fireball will shoot out of the pot. Deflect it so that it lights the furnace. It will melt this section of Baur’s Reach.

Climb back up to the bear and head to the right. Bash off the flowers and make your way up above the ledge that had the rock. Bash off the tentacles fireballs up to a Spirit Light Container.

Use the plant with the hanging tendril to make it up to another Spirit Light Container in the very top left corner.

Use the feather to float back down and go through the gap in the tree to the right. Make your way up the snapping plants to a Lever that opens the door down below.

Float down and go through the door. Drop down to another simmering pot. This time the furnace is further away so you’ll need to bash the fireball a few times to get it to the furnace.

You can’t open the hatch to the right yet because you’ll need Light Burst ability. You also can’t burrow through the sand so instead use a fireball to bash your way back up.

Dash over to the tendril and then through a hidden cave to Lupo. He’ll sell you a map for 250 Spirit Light.

Dash back to the tendril and use the tentacle’s fireballs to Bash up to the higher ledge. You can’t melt the ice wall that leads to the Spirit Well just yet so continue up, using the snapping plants as ledges.

The top left area will be blocked with snow so jump and float over to the right where you’ll find Tokk on the edge or a precipice.

Continue to the right and take out the Corrupted Gorlek. You’ll need to find a fireball to light this furnace. Make your way up the icy waterfall and fan the fire under the pot. As the fireball shoots out drift down with it using the feather.

When you’re low enough Bash the fireball into the furnace to melt this area. It might take a few tries to get the timing right.

Use the tendril above the furnace to grab the first Keystone. Use the blue flower to grapple up the thorny passage and the tentacle’s fireballs to bash and float over to the second Keystone. This one is quite hard to reach.

Float down and dash under the spikes to the secret area in the wooden log for a Gorlek Ore. You can probably also drop down the thin log just to the left of the simmering pot.

From the simmering pot jump up to the pole and climb along it for the third Keystone. Lastly use the tentacle’s fireballs to jump up to the final Keystone.

Drop down the waterfall and use the Keystones to open the door to the right. Jump down to the Spirit Tree and activate it for the Light Burst ability. This ability is very handy and lets you bash off your own fireballs.

Head to the right and enter Tuley’s Hut. Cast Light Burst to light the lamp and open the wooden door to the right. Go through for a Mysterious Seed.

Head back out and use a Light Burst to bash up to the platform above where you can find another Gorlek Ore. You can also use the Light Burst to melt ice walls.

Make your way back out through the door and head back around to the ice wall blocking the Spirit Well. Use the Light Burst to melt the ice so you can access the well.

The path to the right is still blocked so you’ll need to drop down and make your way around.

Head back to the bottom and then right, to the place with the hatch you couldn’t open. Use the Light Burst to light the lamp and open the hatch. You can now use the feather to float up to the top.

Talk to the Moki in the cave to the left and give him the Soup in exchange for a Comfy Hat. The hat can be given to a Moki in the Wellspring Glades.

Use the Light Burst to bash your way further up. Bash up to the ledge on the top right and light the lamp to open the wooden door back to the Spirit Well. It should now be open from both sides.

Drop down to the right and use a Light Burst to melt the ice around the tree log. It will come crashing down with a snowball behind it. Quickly get out of the way.

You can Burrow through the ice wall for a Life Cell Fragment when you have the ability but you’ll need to visit the Windswept Wastes first.

Jump across the log to the right and use Light Burst to Bash up to the snapping plants above. Make your way across the icy thorns and snapping plants to the right. Use the Light Burst to light the lamp and then float down to the water below.

The furnace next to the breakable wall is lit. You can blow it out if you want to turn the water back to ice. Before you do that swim through the hidden tunnel to the left for a Fracture Shard.

Bash up to the ice ledge and continue to the right. When you reach the bridge the doors will close and you’ll enter into another battle. The final two Gorleks will be the most difficult to defeat. Use a heave attack to break their shields first and then hit them with ranged attacks.

Once the battle is over the bridge will open so you can float up using the air current. If you want to try out the Spirit Trial float down and carefully float around the spikes to grab all of the Keystones.

Head back and use the Keystones to open the door to the finish line for the Spirit Trial. When you’re down float down to the exit to the Wellspring Glades. Light the furnace to melt the ice and swim down and around for the Catalyst spirit shard.

Head back to the spirit trial and float all the way up. Once you reach the very top you’ll find a Wisp. Shriek won’t be happy about this and you’ll have to get through another chase scene.

Once you’ve completed the chase you’ll be back at the beginning of the area with the big bear. Head out of the caves and make your way back through the Silent Woods. The Windswept Wastes lie just beyond.

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