Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the second game in the series and once again features the exploits of a little forest spirit called Ori. The forest comes to life with beautiful hand-painted artwork and wonderful fully orchestrated music pieces.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps can be played on three difficulty settings. This mainly affects damage dealt and damage taken, all of the other platforming and story aspects remain the same.

The ability upgrades are a little different than the first game. You still collect Energy and Life Cells but you also have skills that can be activated through shard slots. You start with three active shard slots and these can increased to eight by finding the other five shards along the way. More on skills in the walkthrough below.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Walkthrough

Swallow’s Nest (Prologue)
Inkwater Marsh
Kwolok’s Hollow
Wellspring Glades
The Wellspring
Silent Woods
Baur’s Reach
Windswept Wastes
Luma Pools
Mouldwood Depths
Windtorn Ruins
Midnight Burrows
Willow’s End

Hand to Hand Quest

The Hand to Hand quest runs through most of the game. It begins when you speak to a Moki in Kwolok’s Hollow who gives you a Map. From there you’ll need to deliver items to various characters around the world until you finally have the Map Stone Fragment. This can be used in the Windtorn Ruins to reveal every secret on the map. Follow the steps below in order to complete the quest.

Speak to the Moki in Kwolok’s Hollow to get the Map.

In Wellspring Glades give the Map to Tokk and he’ll give you a Backpack.

Take the Backpack to a Moki in the Wellspring and he’ll give you a Herb Pouch.

The Herb Pouch can be given to a creature in Baur’s Reach called Veral. He’s the soup maker and he’ll give you a bowl of Soup.

Give the Soup to a freezing Moki higher up in Baur’s Reach. He’ll be so grateful that he’ll let you have his Comfy Hat.

The Comfy Hat can be given to a Moki on the left side of Wellspring Glades. In exchange he’ll give you a Lantern.

In the Mouldwood Depths in a secret area on the way to the shrine speak to the Moki. He’ll take the Lantern and give you Mouldwood Silk.

The fishing Moki in Luma Pools wants the Silk to make a net. In exchange he’ll give you the Spyglass.

Motay, in the Wellspring Glades, wants the Spyglass and will give you a Canteen.

Take the Canteen to the Windswept Wastes and give it to the Gorlek Miner. In exchange he’ll give you the Map Stone Fragment.

Take the Map Stone Fragment to the Windtorn Ruins and head west from the Spirit Well at the bottom of the map. Place the fragment in the stone formation and it will reveal every secret on the map. Once this has been revealed it should be very easy to run around and grab all the remaining collectibles in the game.