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Swallow’s Nest

The Prologue in Swallow’s Nest is mostly about setting the scene so there’s more story than gameplay. When you take control of Ori run to the left.

You’ll enter into the cave with the other creatures and see the little owl Ku who you rescued in the last game. Unfortunately he has a burnt wing and can’t fly properly. Head out of the cave to the right to watch Ku try to fly.

As the seasons pass by Ku will see other birds flying in the sky. After Ku makes her own attempt to fly follow her to the river to the right.

Run back to the left, hang on the rope to open the door in the tree and climb up to find the Feather. Head back to the right and Ori will give Ku the feather.

Once the feather has been attached to Ku’s wing make your way over to the right. Ku will start to fly but you’ll get lost during a storm. Ori will fall down into the Inkwater Marsh and this begins the main part of the game.

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