Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War is the third in the series and follows along from the events of Trial by Fire. Rakeesh, the Liontaur Paladin, has decided to go home to Tarna and he takes you with him in the hopes you can quell hostilities between the tribes.

The Simbani tribe are on the brink of war with the Leopardmen and claim the Leopardmen have stolen a precious artifact. The Simbani also hate magic and the Leopardmen are known for their use of magic.

Just like the previous games you’ll have a choice between Fighter, Wizard and Thief. Each of the classes have their strengths and weaknesses and often have a different way of solving challenges. Fighters have a chance of becoming Paladins if they perform enough noble acts. You can also import a Paladin from Quest for Glory 2 if you have one.

Not everything needs to be explored on the days specified below. After Day 3, once you leave Tarna for the Simbani Village the days don’t really matter so much.

Quest for Glory 3 Map

Quest for Glory 3 Walkthrough


Day 1

Once you’ve created your character and watched the initial cutscene you’ll be in Kreesha and Rakeesh’s house in Tarna. Speak with with both of them about everything so you have some idea of what’s going on.

Wizard: Open your inventory and use the Hand icon on the Gift from Keapon Laffin. The gift will explode but look at your inventory again and use the Hand icon on the wrapper. You’ll find the Juggling Lights spell scribbled on the paper. You can try it out here but you can’t use magic out in the streets.

Leave through the rear left exit. Take a look around to get a general idea of the layout. The temple is up the stairs, the bazaar is below and the Apothecary and Inn are on this level.

Make your way up the stairs and walk to the east. Go up the stairs to the top level of the temple. Enter the hall and walk forwards. You’ll be stopped by a Priestess but the statue will speak and tell you to come back with the Gem of the Guardian.

Leave and head west down the stairs to the bazaar and continue west to the money changer. A thief will run away. Chase after the thief and you’ll catch up with him on the next screen. You’ll be taken to the Hall of Judgement as a witness.

After the meeting with the council you’ll go to meet Rajah. When you have the chance be polite and “Greet” him. Then “Answer Rajah”, “Defend Rakeesh”, “Talk about Rakeesh” and “Say Good-bye”.

Wizard: Return to Rakeesh’s house and speak to Kreesha about the magic staff. You’ll need to bring her some magic wood so she can craft it.

Return to the bazaar and walk west to the money changer. Change all of your Dinars to Royals. Speak to the leather seller and purchase 5 Zebra Skins and at least a couple of Waterskins. Talk to the fruit seller and buy one serving of Fruit.

Walk to the east and buy a Fine Spear and Fine Dagger from the weapon merchant. Buy a Tinderbox form the antique seller, Oil from the oil seller and Honey from the honey merchant.

Walk to the south and buy Beads from the Bead Seller. You can buy Dried Fish if you want but there’s a cheaper way to get rations.

Thief: Talk to the rope seller and buy some Rope from him. Attach the Rope to your Magic Grapnel. Make the Thief Sign at the rope seller and pay him 50 Royals for acrobatics training.

Walk to the south and speak to the Katta named Shallah. Click the mouth icon on yourself and “Tell about Shapier”. Then give him the Note from Shema. Click on yourself and ask to buy the Carved Leopard. Shallah will be so happy you brought him the note that he’ll let you have it for free.

Talk to the meat merchant and buy Meat Rations. Bargain him down to 1 crown per ration. Buy a couple of dozen to last the entire game. Talk to the cloth merchant and buy a Robe. The drummer won’t speak to you but you can put some money in his bowl for a few points.

If it’s getting late head back to the middle level and go to the Welcome Inn. Read the noticeboard and learn about the laws of Tarna. Sit down on an empty cushion and order some dinner. You’ll have a chance to talk to Janna Jamil. Ask her about everything and then head up the stairs to your room.

There’s a large storage chest here where you can place items if you don’t want to carry them. There’s also a comfortable blanket on the floor where you can sleep. If it’s too early you can rest for 60 minutes and then sleep until morning.

Day 2

Leave the Inn and enter the Apothecary. Ask him about everything and make sure you “Tell about Julanar”. You can buy buy Cure Poison, Health and Mana Pills from him. He also needs you to find him a number of ingredients to make a Dispel Potion.

You’ll probably have time to wander around in the Savannah for a little while but you’ll need to be back in the city for the third day. Walk to the east and then down the stairs to the guards at the front gates. Talk to them if you wish and then head outside.

Wander around and meet some of the local wildlife. When it’s time to come back you’ll automatically be taken back to your room at the Inn for sleep.

Day 3

In the morning you’ll be taken before the council and then to a meeting with Rajah. Once again be polite, “Greet”, ” Talk about honor”, “Talk about Rakeesh” and “Say good-bye”.

You’ll automatically head off through the savannah with Rakeesh. The journey will take you through Day 4 but you’ll eventually you’ll arrive at the Simbani tribe. “Greet” the Elder keeping watch over the village and he’ll take you down to the entrance.

Simbani Village

When you enter the village you’ll meet Uhura, she’ll then take you the leader of the Simbani called the Laibon. After the meeting you’ll be back in Uhura’s hut with Rakeesh. Make sure you ask her about the Spear for a few extra points.

After seeing Uhura you’ll be back in your hut with Rakeesh. Ask him about everything and then go to sleep for the night.

Day 5

In the morning head outside to explore the village.

To the west you have the spear throwing. To the north you’ll find Yesufu, the Laibon’s son, playing Awari. Have a game or two with him and talk to him and tell him stories while you’re playing. To the east you’ll find the balance bridge. Try to walk across to improve agility and monkey swing underneath it to improve strength.

If you have time left practice the spear throwing (if you have the skill) or on the balance bridge. Once it gets dark visit Uhura in her hut and ask her about everything. Return to your hut and sleep for the night.

Day 6

In the morning go to the north side of the village where you met Yesufu. The Storyteller will be here this time. Ask him about his stories and tell him about your adventures in Shapier.

If you’ve finished training take the path to the south to head out to the Savannah. You’ll want to come back here tonight to listen to the Storyteller.


There are a few places to visit in the Savannah. The Pool of Peace is to the south. You can visit the Pool to take a drink and restore your Stamina. If you’re a Wizard you can cast Detect Magic. Fill up your Waterskins with water from the Pool. You’ll need it later.

To the west of the Simbani Village, close to the left side of the screen, you’ll spot a colorful bird flying to the east. Follow the bird to the east and it will stop in a tree with bees. This is a Honeybird. Drop the Honey on the ground and leave the screen. A honey icon will be shown on the map. Go back to the Honeybird and walk close to it to scare it away as it eats the honey. It will leave behind a Feather. Pick it up and leave.

Continue to the map screen to the west and to the south you’ll notice some rocks. Go towards them and you’ll see some venomous vines and Meerbats. The bats are trying to steal the fruit.

Fighter: Leave and come back until you see a Meerbat caught in the vines. Throw a Rock or Dagger at the vines and the Meerbat will escape. Leave and come back and the Meerbat will leave you the Vine Fruit and a Fire Opal.

Wizard: Cast Fetch on the vine to get the Vine Fruit.

Thief: Throw the grappling hook at the Vine Fruit to grab it.

Simbani Village

Return to the Simbani Village at nightfall and speak with Uhura about everything. Leave and if it’s late enough the Storyteller should be telling a story to the people around the fire. If he’s not there yet leave the screen, rest for 30 minutes and come back. After the story you’ll enter your hut and sleep for the night.

Day 7

Get up and play Awari with Yesufu. As you play tell him stories and ask him questions. Play until you can ask him about “Winning” and “Losing”. You should be friends with him now so go back to the center of the village and enter the Laibon’s hut. Ask him everything, especially about the “Spear” and the “Drum”. If you ask him about the drum a second time he’ll get upset and throw you out, losing 5 points.

That’s all there is to do in the Simbani Village for now so it’s time to explore the Jungle.


LeaveĀ  the village and make your way east across the Savannah. On the next screen you’ll come to the Jungle and be rewarded with a few points. Make your way up to the large tree, the Heart of the World.

Run along the path to the east, back to the west and then up along the side of the tree. There are two caves to explore here so make sure you check them both out.

Enter the first cave with the Guardian. Wait for the Guardian to speak to you and then ask it about everything. If you’re a Wizard make sure to ask it about “Wood”. Ask about the “Gem” last as the Guardian will drop a few Gems on the ground. Pick up a Gem and leave the cave.

Continue to the top of the tree and enter the Garden. Stand on top of the spiral platform and use the Water from the Pool of Peace on the platform. You’ll be given the Gift from the Heart.

Leave the tree and walk further into the jungle to the east until you come to the next screen. Wander around the lower half of the jungle area and you should run into a monkey caught in a cage. Release the monkey and he’ll appear on a branch to the top right of the screen. His name is Manu. Ask him about everything and then leave.

Wizard: Wander around the jungle as you make your way to the west. Stop every now and again to find the Blue Orchids. You’ll find them eventually. Just keep stopping randomly to check.

Cast Fetch on the Blue Orchids to grab one and then take it to the Pool of Peace. Wait until night time and dip the Blue Orchid in the water. Head back to the top of the Heart of the World and place the Blue Orchid on the spiral pedestal. You’ll be given the Magic Wood.


Head back to Tarna and return to the Welcome Inn. There should be a table with 2 empty cushions. Sit down on one of them and order a meal. A survivor from the Peace Mission will sit down and talk to you. Ask him about everything.

Leave and walk to the southern end of the Bazaar. Walk back to the north and you’ll be stopped by the Thief. He wants you to meet him secretly after dark. Agree and continue on your way. At night the Thief will be waiting for you in the Bazaar. Give him some food and talk to him. Tell him what you know and ask for information. Do this on 3 different nights and you’ll get more information.

Visit the Apothecary and ask him about Dispel Potions. Give him all the ingredients he needs, the Feather from the Honeybird, Fruit of the venomous vine, Water from the Pool of Peace and the Gift from the Heart. He won’t have the potions right away so return the next day. If you’re a Wizard buy 3 Dispel Potions, otherwise buy 2. If you told him about the dryad from the previous game he’ll give you the potions for free.

Go back to see Rakeesh and Kreesha. They should be in the back room on the right side. Enter and speak to them about everything. If you’re a Wizard Kreesha will make the Magic Staff from the magic wood.

Head up the stairs to the Temple of Sekhmet. When you enter you’ll be sent into a trance and asked to choose symbols and responses to various situations. Depending on your class you’ll need to choose a specific symbol at least once.

Fighter –> Sword or Fist
Thief –> Key
Wizard –> Pentagram
Paladin –> Heart

Answer the other questions however you wish. Once the test has been finished you’ll wake up in your room back at the Inn.

Simbani Village

Make your way back to the Simbani Village and go to the north side where you’ll see a prisoner in a cage. Use one of your Dispel Potions to turn her into a beautiful woman. If Uhura is keeping watch ask her about the prisoner and she’ll mention the bride price. If not leave the screen and come back until Uhura is there.

Enter Laibon’s hut and tell him about the prisoner. Ask about the “Prisoner” and the “Bride Price”. Finally ask him about “Marriage” and you’ll hand over the Fine Robe, Spear and Zebra Skins. If you’re a fighter you’ll need to go through the test to become a Simbani Warrior first.

Fighter: First you’ll need to kill a Dinosaur out in the Savannah and loot it for the Horn. Give the Horn to the Laibon and you can begin the test. For the first event take the Vine from the tree, attach it to your spear and throw the spear at the ring. For the second event push the log over the brambles, walk over it and take the ring. Help Yesufu out when he gets caught in a trap. Back at the village you’ll have the final two events, spear throwing and wrestling. Ask Uhura about initiation and then ask Laibon about the Drum and he’ll give it to you.

Thief: Wait until night time and sneak up to Laibons hut. Look at the wall on the right side. You’ll notice a crack. Use your fine dagger to make the crack bigger and climb inside. Pick up the Drum and climb back out.

The prisoner won’t talk to you but maybe she can be wooed with gifts. Give her the Fine Dagger, Leopard Statue and Beads. Open the cage and she’ll run away. Leave the village and make your way to the Jungle.


Wander around in the jungle and wait until you stop automatically. You’ll hear something. Click on yourself and “Call Out”. Johari, the woman you set free, will appear.

Fighter/Thief: Show her the magic Drum

Wizard: Talk to her about everything and she’ll leave. Keep wandering around and “Call Out” when you sense her. This will happen three times in total. The third time talk to her about “Peace”. Ask her about “Magic” and she’ll show you the Lightning Ball spell.

Johari will agree to take you to the Leopardman Village to try to make peace. You’ll travel through the jungle with her.

Leopardman Village

When you arrive at the village talk to her about “Romance” and then touch her. The two of you will kiss then watch the Change Ritual together. Afterwards you’ll be taken to meet the Chief.

Fighter: Hand over the Drum to the Chief and ask about the Spear of Death. He’ll give it to you.

Thief: Throw your Magic Grapnel at the hut then throw some Meat down to the panther. Walk across the rope. Make sure you remain sneaking. Give some Fruit to the monkey and free the monkey. Take the Spear of Death from the wall. Leave the hut and climb back over the rope. When you meet the Chief give him the Drum.

Wizard: You’ll be forced to have a duel with a Leopardman shaman. You’ll need to react to the spells being cast at you without doing direct damage. You can’t use any spells twice. First cast Summon Staff, then Reversal. Next use Calm to deal with the fire and Force Bolt on the cage that appears around you. When the screen darkens cast Juggling Lights. Cast Lightning Ball on the serpent and finally cast Levitate when you drop down the hole. When the shaman transforms into a demon use a Dispel Potion on him. After the battle ask the Chief about the Spear of Death and he’ll give it to you.


Whichever path you choose when you have the Spear you’ll automatically go back to Tarna for a meeting. The demon will try to take control of the Leopardman and Simbani Warrior and start a fight. You’ll be forced to flee the city before they close the gates.


Go back to the Jungle and you’ll be met by Manu the monkey. Follow him to his village.

Fighter: Talk to Manu and then climb up the tree.

Thief: Use your Magic Grapnel and climb up.

Wizard: Cast Levitate and you’ll float up to the tree tops.

Now that you’re up in the trees with the monkeys talk to Manu again. Ask him about the “Lost City”. Keep asking him about it until he begrudgingly agrees to take you there.

Manu will take you to a waterfall. The monkeys can jump the gap but you’ll need to find another way across.

Fighter: Take a Vine from the nearby tree and tell Manu about the Vine. He’ll help you across.

Thief: Use your Magic Grapnel on the other side of the waterfall and walk across.

Wizard: Take a Vine from the nearby tree and tie it to yourself. Tell Manu about the Vine and about Levitation. You’ll tie the vine to yourself and float up. Manu will pull you across the gap.

When you reach the other side you’ll be attacked by a Demon Worm. Either flee or wait for it to appear and kill it. Either way the monkeys will come back and take you to the city.

Lost City

When you arrive at the Lost City talk to Manu and ask him about the “Secret Entrance”. Walk down to the pyramid and look at the door with the jackal on it. Place the Fire Opal in the eye of the jackal to open the door.

If you don’t yet have the Fire Opal look at the statue. If you’re a Wizard cast Fetch on it and if you are a Thief use your Magic Grapnel and climb up to it. Fighters will need to save the Meerbat from the venomous vines in the Savannah and it will leave behind the opal as a gift.

Go through the door and you’ll see 2 Demons.

Fighter: Kill one of the demons and then force open the door at the back of the room.

Thief: Sneak past the demons, oil the door and use the toolkit to open it.

Wizard: Cast Calm on the demons and then cast Open on the door.

Behind the door you’ll find Reeshaka, the daughter of Rakeesh and Kreesha. If you have a Dispel Potion throw it on her when she transforms. Otherwise you’ll need to fight her.

When your friends arrive Rakeesh will heal Kreesha. You’ll then need to fight evil versions of yourselves with your friends. There’s no way to defeat the mutant version of yourself. Wait until you’re down to about 25% health and the Thief will step in to save the day.

You’ll run up to the top of the tower to face the Dark Wizard.

Fighter: Fight the Gargoyle and then knock it over the edge with your shield. Walk towards the Dark Wizard and the Gargoyle will grab your ankle. Throw the Spear of Death at the Wizard. If you’re a Paladin throw your Sword. Use your Shield on the Gate Orb to destroy it.

Thief: Sneak up to the back pillar and climb up. Use the Grapnel on the next pillar across the gap and the Wizard will notice you. Throw the Grapnel again and the rope will catch fire. Quickly climb across and jump to the pillar. Use the Grapnel once more on the Wizard.

Wizard: Cast a spell such as Force Bolt or Flame Dart on the Dark Wizard to get his attention. Cast Reversal before he casts a spell at you. Cast Trigger on the Gargoyle when it comes to life. Summon your Magic Staff and cast another spell at him. He’ll steal your staff. Cast Trigger on your staff and it will explode. Finally cast Force Bolt on the Gate Orb to destroy it.

Enjoy the final cutscene and credits. Congratulations on completing Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War!