Songs of Conquest is a turn-based strategic fantasy game by Lavapotion and Coffee Stain Studios. It takes inspiration from the classic fantasy games such as Heroes of Might and Magic. You’ll control heroes, called Wielders, as they level up and build an army.

Currently Songs of Conquest is still in development but two of the campaigns have been completed. Throughout each campaign you’ll reveal more of the bard’s song after winning each mission. Your wielders will carry on through the missions keeping their experience and equipment with them.

Spells in Songs of Conquest are a little different from the classic games and are based on the essence. You’ll gather essence at the start of combat based on your Wielders skills and other effects. Then you’ll gain essence during each of your unit’s turns based on what type of essence that unit generates. Spells can only be cast during combat.

There are currently four factions to play, Arleon (Knights and Faey creatures), Rana (Swamp tribe), Barya (Merchants and Mercenaries) and the Barony of Loth (Undead). The first two campaigns feature Arleon and Rana as playable factions.

Songs of Conquest Campaigns

The First Song: The Song of Stoutheart

The Second Song: From the Ashes