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The Rana swamp tribe are often captured by the Baryan Merchants and sold as slaves. Rasc and a small group of Rana escape the slave mines and make their way back to the swamp.

This campaign consists of another 4 missions. After completing each of them you’ll unlock a portion of the second song. For the first mission you’ll have a time limit so levelling up Rasc will be more difficult.

Mission 1: Life Returns to the Marsh

Trapped in a compound with the desert on fire you’ll be freed by Captain Xavier Silkspool. He creates a portal for you so step through and you’ll appear further north on the map.

You’ll only have a short amnount of time before the Baryan Merchants come looking for you. Try to make it through the map as quickly as possible. There will be some settlements where you can replenish your troops.

The battles here are tougher than the first campaign so try to conserve your army as much as possible. If you have the unit slots available separate one creature from the rest to divert attacks from the enemy or to attack first and take the retaliation strike.

At the beginning of Round 16 a large force of Baryans will enter the marsh. You have no hope of fighting them so you must run. They’ll take a few turns to reach you so keep making your way to the exit on the western edge of the map to complete the mission.

Mission 2: The Marsh Adapts

You begin on the southern edge of the map with one wielder Rasc. Move up to the north and claim the settlement of Southcreek Flats. There’s a lookout tower just to the northwest so move up to it to expand your view. The nearby Rana creatures will join you rather than fighting. This is a good way to build a big army quickly.

You’ll soon be given the objective to “Find the Eth’dra”. Make your way north and then west. You’ll pick up more settlements along the way.

Once you reach the Guardian Statue to the west the objective will change to the northern side of the map. Maybe the Eth’dra are hiding up there? Make your way to the northwest corner of the map. When you meet the Eth’dra they’ll agree to join you and the mission will be complete.

Mission 3: The Marsh Gives Life

You’ll begin on the western edge of the map with the mission to find the Dragon Egg. There are numerous portals around the map. They’ll take you to the other portal of the same colour.

Claim the first settlement, go through the blue portal and then the pink portal where you’ll find another settlement. Grab it for now and explore the area to find another 2 portals leading out. Try to build up your first settlement and this one before the enemy hero appears. If you don’t have the army strength retreat to your first settlement, otherwise take him out and continue exploring.

Head through the portals and find the Purple Settlement. Take it out and you’ll be free to explore the rest of the map on your own. Defeat the undead army guarding the Dragon Egg to complete the mission.

Mission 4: The Marsh Expands

You’ll start in the NW corner of the map with your two wielders, Rasc and P’Cha. Take over the first settlement and use it to start working towards Dragons, the upgraded forms of the Eth’dra. While you’re waiting send a wielder south to break through into the Barya lands.

The enemy will start sending out 2 or 3 heroes but you do have some time to build up. Once your Dragons are ready give them to your main hero and try to hunt down the most powerful enemy wielders. Take them out and begin clearing out the map. There’s something like 12-14 settlements that you’ll need to take over. Once you’ve claimed all the land and defeated all the wielders the mission and campaign will be a success!

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