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Dark Forces Mission 3 Walkthrough


  • Explore the sewers underneath the city of Anoat and find Moff Rebus, the weapons engineer working for the Empire.


There are two parts to this map. The upper city and the sewers. You’ll come back a few times to the upper city so you don’t need to grab all the loot right away. At the end is an elevator down to a room with some med packs, shield units and ammo.

The door to the sewers is to the left. You’ll see in the center a lever with four settings. Each setting opens a different door leading to a different part of the sewers.

Dark Forces Mission 3 Sewer MechanismYou’ll need to enter door 1, 2 and 3 and pull the switches in each of those sections. Door 4 is a bonus section and you don’t really need to enter it unless you want the extra shield units.

Door 1

Head through the tunnel, picking up the loot along the way. Don’t fall down the waterfall just yet. You can jump across to a small platform that leads around to some ammo, medpacs and shield units.

Dark Forces Mission 3 Secret 1

Drop down to the white tiled floor below, head up the elevator and pull the switch. This will raise the level up in a room in the area of Door 2. Go back into the sewers and follow the tunnel down. Use your head lamp to light the way. Be careful there are many sewer creatures in here so keep moving.

The way out is to the south east but there are a few other places with loot if you need them. Once you’ve found the door take the elevator back to the landing area. More guard droids will spawn so be ready for a fight.

Door 2

Press the lever once more to open the second door. Go through the door and down the tunnel. Jump over to the left room before dropping down the waterfall.

Dark Forces Mission 3 Switch 2

Pull the switch to raise the sewer water up once more. Drop into the water and take the tunnel to the right. We’ll come back here once more when the water is higher to get through another tunnel. For now just follow this tunnel along until it drops you into a large dark area with lots of grates. Head to the door in the center and open it. Push the button to be pushed up to the tunnels.

You’ll drift along here for a little while. All the paths lead back to the main sewer area. Taking the first left will bring you past some extra loot. Either way make your back to the main sewer area and flick the switch to door number 3.

Door 3

Head down the tunnel and jump up into the room on the right. Pull the switch which lowers the water in the room beyond.

Dark Forces Mission 3 Switch 3Jump into the water and open the door opposite. Go up the spiral staircase and through another door. This will take you to the real switch that you need to pull in this section. Pulling the switch will raise the water level in section two up enough so you can get through to Moff Rebus.

Head back down the spiral staircase and jump into the water. Take the tunnel to the left back to the large dark room. Open the central door and follow the tunnels back to the main sewer area.

Door 4

Door 4 is a bit of a bonus. There’s no more switches you need to find so just collect the loot.

Dark Forces Mission 3 Door 4Once again you’ll be taken to the large dark area. Open the central door and press the button to be taken back to the main sewer area.

Moff Rebus

Now that you’ve pulled all of the switches it’s time to find Moff Rebus. Press the sewer lever until it points to the second setting to open the second door. Head through the door and straight ahead into a new area. Open the door at the end and continue through.

To the left is a sewer pool with some shield units and other loot. To the right is an elevator shaft. Drop down and take the elevator to a lower level.

Once you’ve taken out the droids you’ll need to hop across some platforms.

Dark Forces Mission 3 PlatformsIt’s not hard to do but there may be some Gran here throwing thermal detonators at you!

Jump across the platforms and open two sets of doors. Then take a side staircase up to find Moff Rebus.

Dark Forces Mission 3 Moff RebusOnce you find him the mission will end. It’s time to head to Mission 4: Research Facility.