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Dark Forces Mission 1: Secret Base


  • Find and retrieve the Death Star plans.
  • Return to your ship on the roof of the base.


You begin the mission already having infiltrated the base. To your right are a few guards and to your left a Red Door that you won’t be able to open just yet, and another open room. Clear out the rooms to the left and right and then push the button on the wall leading to the area outside the base.

Dark Forces Mission 1There’s two Stormtroopers guarding the base. You shouldn’t have any difficulty taking them out.

Just ahead of you are two doors in the wall. One to the left and one to the right. Taking either one of these will lead you to an elevator where you will find the Red Key for the Red Door. If you want to find extra loot and a secret make your way around either side of the base.

There are a few Stormtroopers but they have terrible aim. Some higher up inside the base may shoot you so stay close to the walls. Outside the base along one of the rocky walls you’ll find a path that looks like this.

Dark Forces Mission 1 SecretSlip inside, using F5 to put on your headlamp. Jump up and then across a small gap to find a bonus that will replenish your shields.

Go back to the two doors in the wall and open one of them. Kill the Stormtroopers and take the elevator up. After killing the guards pick up the Red Key and then head back inside the base the way you came.

Open the Red Door and take the elevator to the top floor. Kill the Stormtroopers and then pull the switch to open part of the wall below.

Dark Forces Mission 1 SwitchDrop down and enter the new area, taking out the guards as you go. There’s a lever on the wall to the left and a large door that opens to an elevator that takes you to the top outside area. Take the elevator first. From the top outside area, in one of the corners, there are two places you can jump to that contain shields. Grab them if you are running low, otherwise head back down the elevator.

Now go behind the elevator and take the staircase down. Open the door at the bottom, kill the Stormtrooper and open the next door at the bottom of another staircase. This is the control room.

Dark Forces Mission Control RoomFollow the room around and pull the switch at the back wall. This will raise a section of the room, revealing a chip with the Death Star Plans!

Open the door to the right and take the elevator up to the rooftop. Your ship will arrive here but before you end the mission check around the edge of the roof for an alcove that contains an Extra Life.

That’s it for the first mission. Watch the cut-scene and then proceed to Mission 2: Talay (Tak Base).