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Dark Forces Mission 5 Walkthrough


  • Infiltrate the mines and set a sequencer charge on the reactor.
  • Get back to the ship.


The path you need to take is quite clear until you get into the mines. You’ll be dropped off outside the facility. Work your way along the outside of the facility until you come to the elevator that will take you inside.

Make sure you pick up the Fusion Cutter neat the Shield Units close to the entrance to the facility. Save the ammo for this gun for a battle with the Dark Trooper when you reach the reactor.

Continue along, past the drills, until you come to a drill that is going up and down near to a red door. The red door can’t be opened yet.

Dark Forces Mission 5 Entrance to MinesJump on the top of the drill and then jump across to a passageway near to the bottom.

Dark Forces Mission 5 Entrance to Mines 2The first right takes you to a door that needs a blue key. Continue down the passage and take the next right. You’ll see the Blue Code Key hidden in an alcove.

Dark Forces Mission 5 Blue KeyThe easiest way to get across to it is to use the sprint key rather than jumping. Use the sprint key to get back and then head back to the blue door and open it.

Follow the passages along. When you come to an opening you’ll need to jump across to the platform as shown in the pic below.

Dark Forces Mission 5 Platform JumpAt the next large opening drop down to the ledge below and then jump across to the passageway as the elevator moves out of the way. Follow the path around to the reactor and set the charge.

After setting the charge a Dark Trooper will emerge from the reactor. Use the Fusion Cutter to take it out quickly and then head up the small elevator, just to the right of the large elevator you used to come down.

When you reach the red door press the button and wait until all of the doors open.  Once you move they will start closing. If you get trapped each of the sections has a button that will open the doors back to the switch at the red door.

That’s all there is too it. Make your way back to the landing point and end the mission. Continue with Mission 6: Detention Center.