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Mission 8: Robotics Facility


  • Infiltrate the Robotics Facility
  • Place three sequencer charges to blow up the facility
  • Return to the landing area


After tracking the smuggler’s ship you’ll follow it to the Robotics Facility at Ice Station Beta on Anteevy.

Before you do anything drop down to the ledge at the starting area and follow it into a cave. You’ll need to crouch down to get inside. There’s an extra life you can pick up here.

Dark Forces Mission 8 Extra LifeGo out of the cave, jump across the ice and head to the west. If you’re playing on a new computer there is a bug where you can only walk over ice very slowly. If this is the case you’ll need to pick up the ice cleats as soon as possible.

Keep heading west until you come to the chasm. Just on the edge you’ll find the ice cleats.

Dark Forces Mission 8 Ice CleatsNow jump across the chasm and continue around the facility. In a back corner you’ll find a hidden entrance to a cave by a waterfall.

Dark Forces Mission 8 Secret EntranceAt the end of this cave, fairly well hidden, is a staircase leading upwards. Climb up the stairs, follow the river and climb onto the ice on the left where you’ll find the Blue Key.

Dark Forces Mission 8 Blue KeyYou can jump across to the conveyor belt from here or drop down and go up the stairs and enter using the Blue Key.

Follow the conveyor along. You can crouch and jump into the rooms you pass on your left.

Continue down the conveyor belt. To open the door you’ll need to shoot the button in the room to your right.

Dark Forces Mission 8 Conveyor DoorRun down the conveyor and when you see the red door quickly run inside as you’ll be crushed if you stay outside too long.

Walk around the edges of this brown pit and then time your jump through the moving walls.

Dark Forces Mission 8 Brown PitJump into the white building ahead and push the switch to open the next door.

Dark Forces Mission 8 White RoomAt the end of the conveyor belt jump into the room on the right. Open one of the doors for another extra life. Press the switch and continue.

Press the switch next to the fan blades to stop them and then carefully jump down. Set the three sequencer charges and kill the Dark Trooper.

A passageway will open up. Take it and find your way back to the surface of the planet. There will be a few Dark Troopers in these passageways depending on your difficulty level. You should encounter at least one.

Once out of the passageways you’ll be back where you found the ice cleats. Head back to the landing area to finish the mission.

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