Haren Brogg is a trader of questionable repute located in a house by the river (#1). He’ll be too scared to talk to you unless you can prove that you are trustworthy. Either show him the Eternal Fire Signet Ring that you can get from the Reverend (#2) or bribe him with at least 60 orens to get him to talk.

Haren’s quest for you is to protect his shipment of cargo during the night from the Drowners. Approach the location (#3) at night and you’ll be attacked by two groups of Drowners (8 in total). Use the Group attack to kill them quickly.

Once the Drowners have been killed an Elf from the Scioa’tael will claim that the cargo is his. Your choice here will have ramifications later on in the game. If you let them take the cargo then they will kill a man, Coleman, in Chapter 2 who had some quests and information for you. If you kill them then you’ll be faced with 2 Scoia’tael Swordsmen and 2 Archers.

Either way Haren will be thankful that the cargo has been rescued and will pay you the reward of 200 orens. Haren is one of the people that you need to gain respect for in The Salamander’s Tail quest.

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