Leave the office and head down the stairs behind the blast door. Once Delores walks down the hall Chuck will restart the computer. Push the red button to turn off the computer.

Walk to the right. This is the laser room. Try to walk out and Delores will get struck by a laser. The hat helps but not enough.

Walk back to the office and get Ransome to give the Aluminium Foil to Delores. Use the Aluminium Foil with the Hat. Walk back to the laser room. Walk along the path and open the door at the other end.

Look at the sign by the giant spinning fan. The number for maintenance is 6747.


Franklin’s Ghost

Use the Phone in a hotel room to call 6747. The automated service will turn the fan off.


Squeeze past the giant fan to the room beyond.

Franklin’s Ghost

Call 6747 once more to turn the fan back on and cool the room down.


Climb up the ladder. This leads back to the office. Climb back down and bring all the other characters down as well.

Agent Ray

Use the Strange Tool on the slot next to the door to the right.


Walk through the doorway. Look at the glowing tubes. Push all of the tubes in one-by-one. When there’s only one left Uncle Chuck will talk to you. All the characters will come into the room and this will end the chapter.

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