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Chapter 11: Last Leaf

This level is a little different from the rest in that it contains no secrets or achievements. From the beginning hook up to the lamp to drop it down. Pull the lamp through the snow storm.

Unravel Chapter 11 LampDuring the very windy parts of this level you’ll need to hang onto something or you’ll be blown away. For most of the level you’ll be able to hang onto the lantern. There are some hook points that you can also hang onto when you are going uphill.

Pull the lamp along. When you come to the small lamp post pull it down to make a bridge over the gap and continue on your journey, with the lamp.

Hook onto the branch and pull it out a little. This will make it possible to walk up the branch with the lamp.

Unravel Chapter 11 BranchAs you try to grab the next checkpoint the branch will fall down allowing you to walk down the slope with the lamp.

When you come to the gate just hook onto it and the wind should blow it open for you. Once again drag the lamp through and continue on your journey.

Unravel Chapter 11 GateWhen you get to the water’s edge the lamp will fall into the water and the ice will break. Jump across the ice to the other side. You may need to jump back and forth a little before the ice floats close enough to the edge.

Unravel Chapter 11 IceContinue across the water on the little bits of ice.

When you reach the other side the wind will blow you back a few times. Just keep going. Walk off the edge to finish the chapter.

If this is your first play through you’ll be taken straight to Chapter 12: Renewed.