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Chapter 6: Down in a Hole

This chapter is fairly straightforward so I’ll stick to the puzzles and the secrets. From the beginning head right and then climb up the tree. Swing and jump across to the fence. Climb over and continue on your way.

Unravel Chapter 6 FenceWhen you get to the area with the toxic waste pull the cork up from the dip in the ground. Make a yarn bridge and push the cork over it all the way to the right so you can climb up the next rock.

Unravel Chapter 6 Toxic WasteTo escape the two barrels when you pull them down run back and hang onto the tree. When the tree falls over run back and hide behind the rock.

Unravel Chapter 6 BarrelsThe first secret is found just past the toxic water. Jump onto the barrels so they roll away. Drop back and pull the bottle out of the barrel lying sideways and grab the secret from inside.

Unravel Chapter 6 Secret 1When you get to the bottom of the next tree build a yarn bridge and push the bottle over the top of it.

Unravel Chapter 6 BottlePush the bottle into the water and use it to get across to the barrel. Tie a knot to the barrel. Make a yarn bridge and jump up to the crate. Swing across to the other side and pull on the chain. The barrels will come crashing down, creating a bridge for you to walk across.

To reach the second secret you’ll need to swing from the tree to the left. Don’t drop too low otherwise you’ll fall into the toxic water. The secret is on top of the rusted barrel.

Unravel Chapter 6 Secret 2To reach the third secret climb on top of the generator. Once there swing across to the top of the ladder and let it slide over towards the lamp where the secret is hidden.

Unravel Chapter 6 Secret 3To continue move the box on the ground onto the button that controls the generator. Jump back onto the generator and plug in the power cord.

The next secret is easy to spot. Go over the wooden docks, pull out the construction helmet and walk underneath to pick it up.

Unravel Chapter 6 Secret 4To progress you’ll need to build a yarn bridge and move the helmet up the rocks. Build another bridge and do it again. Drop the hat down next to the tracks of the machinery so you can climb on it and jump up.

The fifth secret is located in the wooden crate. To get to it you’ll need to smash it with the arm of the excavator. Make a yarn bridge on top of the crate. Pull the crate over to the excavator. Jump up to lasso the tie point on the excavator. Drop down and undo your yarn bridge. Climb up into the excavator, pull the seat back and pull the lever to drop the excavator arm. If the box is positioned correctly the arm will smash the box revealing the secret inside.

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