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Chapter 8: The Letter

To get the achievement for this chapter you’ll need to break all of the ice. You do this by jumping on each section of ice twice. Try not to drown in the process. As usual there are five secrets on this level. I’ll show you the location of each below as well as any tricky puzzles you may face.

Walk across to the right and climb up the white wooden structure. Tie a knot to the left side and then climb up the see-saw to the left. Stand on the left side of the see-saw to drop it down and then tie it to the ground. Go back to the white structure and make a bridge from it to the right end of the see-saw so you can jump up.

Unravel Chapter 8 See-SawHurry across the field of birds and duck into the cans and other items along the way as the birds swoop low to grab you. You’ll need speed and timing to make it across the field in one piece.

Unravel Chapter 8 Field of BirdsOnce you enter into the building you’ll be able to find the first secret. You’ll need to make yarn bridges all the way to the top right. Pull down the hammer and then drop all the way down to the floor and pull the box all the way up to the top right so you can jump up to the secret.

Unravel Chapter 8 Secret 1 Part 1Unravel Chapter 8 Secret 1 Part 2Undo the last bridge. Drop down and make a bridge from the ledge to the light so you can jump back up to the box. Drop the box down and use it to climb out of the window to the right.

Make your way up the next room and grab the hook above the hay. Pull it over to the far left. Swing from the rope hanging down from the light all the way to the left. Go into the room and push the paint can all the way to the right and onto the floor. Drop down with it and keep pushing.

Unravel Chapter 8 Paint CanAt the end of the room underneath the trailer you’ll find the second secret. Use the paint can to jump up to it.

Unravel Chapter 8 Secret 2Now make your way back to the hook that you dragged across to the left. Hook onto it and tie a knot. Make another knot at the point on top of the light to the left to make a bridge. Jump up and lasso to climb into the attic.

Hop over to the right to find the third secret.

Unravel Chapter 8 Secret 3Continue out the window to the right. Drop down and open up the well.

Tie a knot on the left hand side and rappel down to find the fourth secret.

Unravel Chapter 8 Secret 4Pull the handle of the well down to lift the bucket up. Push the bucket to the right so that it flips on top of you. Now you can safely make it across the field without being attacked by birds.

Unravel Chapter 8 BucketOnce you are past the field break the first section of ice and pull up the log. Tie a bridge and jump up to the branch above. Swing over to the right for the fifth secret.

Unravel Chapter 8 Secret 5Pull out the wheel under the wagon and make two yarn bridges to bring the wheel into the wagon.

Unravel Chapter 8 Wagon WheelThe wheel will roll down and you can use it to get climb over the hay bails. Free the bird to end the level.

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