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Chapter 5: Off the Rails

You’ll start the level by taking along walk through the forest. After you cross the railway tracks you’ll come to a bridge. The center part is sticking up so build a bridge and jump and lasso the top part of the wooden plank to pull it down.

Unravel Chapter 5 BridgeAfter you walk to the end of the plank tie a knot and swing across to the other side. Directly under the bridge is the first secret. To get to it open up the small wooden door to the right. Make a bridge and pull the log over to the left. Drop it off the left side of the bridge into the water. Jump on it and grab the secret.

Unravel Chapter 5 Secret 1Swing across and climb up the small docks. The second secret lies underneath so drop down and swing across to grab it.

Unravel Chapter 5 Secret 2Continue across and climb the large wheel. Jump across and grab onto the chain to start the wheel turning. Now jump across to the right and a bit of wood will break off into the water. Jump onto it to float across.

You’ll come to some machinery. Make your way underneath it to the right, up and the over it to the left to end up back outside.

Climb up and make a bridge. Pull out the wheel as shown below and push it over the yarn bridge.

Unravel Chapter 5 Small WheelPush the wheel until it locks into place. Jump across the chasm and grab the next checkpoint. Drop back down to the left to grab the third secret.

Unravel Chapter 5 Secret 3

Climb up the other side. Pull out the pin to launch the wheel. Jump on the log to drop it down and push the wheel onto it to lift up the other side. You can now climb up the log and jump across.

In the forest, tie a knot to the fallen branch and push the rock all the way across to the right. The rock will make the branch lift up and if you’ve tied a knot to the end of it you’ll be able to climb up.

Climb up the rock chasm. You’ll need to make a couple of bridges on your way up. Watch out for falling rocks as you climb.

At the top of the chasm make a bridge to jump across to the left. Swing across to the right and lasso on to the rock. Climb up for the fourth secret.

Unravel Chapter 5 Secret 4Continue up the mountain to the left. Upon reaching the top you’ll need to pull a branch back to stop a rock from rolling onto you.

Unravel Chapter 5 MountainGrab the extra yarn before making your way all the way up the mountain to the left to find the fifth secret.

Unravel Chapter 5 Secret 5Now go back to the checkpoint and continue swinging across. Climb up the cords and make your way to the top to end this chapter.

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