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Chapter 1: Thistle and Weeds

After Yarny escapes into the yard you will soon realize that he needs extra yarn if he wants to survive for long. Hook onto the sundial and pull it down so you can grab the extra yarn.

Unravel Chapter 1 SundialI won’t go through all the game mechanics as you’ll learn these as you go along. As you continue to the right you’ll be shown how to pull things, climb up your yarn and throw a lasso.

Climb up the glittery surface when the game tells you to and then jump and lasso a branch to swing over to the tree stump. There’s more yarn here that you can grab.

Unravel Chapter 1 Jump LassoJump and lasso again to swing across to the next branch. Hook onto the two hook points here to make a yarn bridge so you can jump up higher.

Unravel Chapter 1 Yarn BridgeJump up and walk over to the right. Before we continue we’re going to find the first secret of the level. Tie your yarn to the branch at the end and rappel down.

Unravel Chapter 1 Secret 1At the bottom pull down the thistles and grab the secret. Climb back up and tie your yarn to the top of the bird house to make a yarn bridge and jump up. Keep climbing up to the top of the tree. Make another yarn bridge to jump up to the top of the tree and grab the extra yarn.

Unravel Chapter 1 Yarn Bridge 2From here rappel all the way down the tree. Grab the extra yarn at the bottom.

When you come to the empty pool use your yarn to grab and pull the lever. This will fill the pool with water. Jump on the apple and then across to the right. You can pull more apples into the pool if you want to make it easier to jump across.

Unravel Chapter 1 Apple PoolHook onto the lever on the arm chair and pull it to lower the back of the arm chair so you can continue to the right.

Unravel Chapter 1 Arm ChairPull the thistle away and grab the extra yarn hidden underneath the arm chair.

Unravel Chapter 1 Extra YarnBefore jumping onto the sunflower seeds continue across to the right, pull down the thistles and grab the second secret.

Now go back and jump up the sunflowers. At the top is some extra yarn.

Slide down, pull the thistles away from the bike. Hook onto the bike and pull it across to the gate. Hop onto the bike and open the gate.

Unravel Chapter 1 BikeGrab the yarn on the tree stump and jump and lasso your way up the tree. Make sure you make some big swings so you can get enough height to lasso up to the next hook point.

Unravel Chapter 1 Tree ClimbingOnce you swing across to the other tree tie a knot and then rappel down. The third secret is shown in the pic below.

Unravel Chapter 1 Secret 3Just after the cubby house pull the thistles away to reveal a hole in the rocks. Drop down and grab the extra yarn.

As you drop down the hill you will knock over a B block. Create a yarn bridge between the next two points and pull the B block up over it.

Unravel Chapter 1 B BlockPull the block all the way across to the see-saw. Pull the thistles down to let this end of the see-saw drop to the ground.

If you want to grab all the secrets for the level bring the B block all the way over to the right side of the see-saw. Leave it there then walk back to the left, lasso on to the hook point and grab the secret.

Unravel Chapter 1 Secret 4Bring the block back to the left and now you can continue your journey to the right.

When you get to the tire, hook on and swing across and climb in the window. There’s some extra yarn here.

The next puzzle is a little tricky. Tie a bridge as shown in the pic below and bring the block all the way over to the right side of the pile of junk.

Unravel Chapter 1 Block PuzzleNow untie the bottom of that bridge and create a new bridge to the top right. Pull the block up to the junk pile and then up the new bridge to the right. Jump on the block, climb up the back of the chair and then jump over to the left to the flower pot with the fifth secret.

Unravel Chapter 1 Secret 5Continue to the right to cause an accident that flips Yarny out of the barn and ends the chapter.

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