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Districts add a new game mechanic to Civilization VI and are no longer built inside the city center. Instead districts need a complete tile of their own. Some districts have special bonuses or requirements as to where they can be placed.

Each district will allow certain buildings and wonders to be built and give special bonuses, such as building Libraries and Universities in the Campus district once it has been built. Here’s a broad overview of the districts you can expect in Civ 6.

1) City Center – Allows building the core structures such as Walls, Granary, Watermill and Sewers.

2) Campus – this is where all of your research will take place. It allows you to build Libraries, Universities and Research Labs. Each adjacent mountain tile will give Campuses +1 Science.

3) Holy Site – This is the district where you citizens go to worship. Faith bonuses are given for adjacent wonders, mountains or woods. You’ll also receive +1 Great Prophet points per turn. You can build Shrines, Temples and Worship Buildings here.

4) Encampment – The Encampment is your military district and is where new military units are trained. You gain +1 Great General points per turn and can build additional military facilities such as the Barracks, Stable, Armory and Military Academy.

5) Theater Square – Receive +1 Culture from nearby wonders. You can build Culture buildings such as the Museum, Amphitheater, Art Museum, Archaeological Museum and Broadcast Center.

6) Commercial Hub – This district is the financial hub of your city and gives you an additional trade route. You’ll also receive +1 Great Merchant point per turn. You get gold bonuses for building the hub next to a river or harbor. This district allows you to build the Market, Bank and Stock Exchange.

7) Industrial Zone – Provides extra production for adjacent Mines and Quarries and allows the building of Workshops, Factories and Power Plants.

8) Entertainment Complex – This district will keep your citizens happy and increases your amenities. You can build the Arena, Zoo and Stadium here.

9) Harbor – The Harbor gives +1 Gold for adjacent coastal resources. You can also build the Lighthouse, Shipyard and Seaport.

10) Aqueduct – Provides fresh water to your city which increases your housing. Must be built between the City Center and a source of fresh water.

11) Neighborhood – Provides housing.

12) Aerodrome – This is where Hangars and Airports are built allowing you to take control of the skies.

13) Spaceport – Essential for a Scientific Victory.