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The current list of wonders and the Era as well as Tech/Policy needed to unlock them.

Ancient Era

Hanging Gardens (Irrigation)

Oracle (Mysticism – Civic)

Pyramids (Masonry)

Stonehenge (Astrology)

Classical Era

Colosseum (Games Recreation – Civic)

Colossus (Shipbuilding)

Great Library (Recorded History – Civic)

Great Lighthouse (Celestial Navigation)

Mahabodhi (Theology – Civic)

Petra (Mathematics)

Terracotta Army (Construction)

Medieval Era

Alhambra (Castles)

Chichen Itza (Guilds – Civic)

Hagia Sophia (Education)

Mont St Michel (Divine Right – Civic)

Renaissance Era

Forbidden City (Printing)

Great Zimbabwe (Banking)

Potala Palace (Astronomy)

Venetian Arsenal (Mass Production)

Industrial Era

Big Ben (Economics)

Bolshoi Theatre (Opera Ballet – Civic)

Hermitage (Natural History – Civic)

Oxford University (Scientific Theory)

Ruhr Valley (Industrialization)


Modern Era

Broadway (Mass Media – Civic)

Cristo Redentor (Mass Media – Civic)

Eiffel Tower (Steel)

Atomic Era

Estadio Do Maracana (Professional Sports – Civic)

Sydney Opera House (Cultural Heritage – Civic)