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The players are now together. I’ll pick one at random but you can switch them around if you want. Orange places portal on the wall and Blue stands on red button just ahead. Orange goes through first door. Blue stands on button to the left to let Orange through the second door. Orange places second portal so Blue can go through portals to meet up with Orange.


Orange places one portal on this side of the water and the second on the other side and goes through. Blue presses the red button to let Orange through the door. Orange places second portal on wall around the corner so Blue can walk through portals and meet up with Orange.

In the next room there are four buttons. Two on the ground and two on a ledge. Each player places a portal near the button on the ground and on the wall above the ledge. Press the two buttons on the ground together, walk through the portals and press the two buttons on the ledges. This drops a ball. Place the ball on the red pressure plate to open the exit door.


Place the cube under the laser to deflect it into the white wall. Place four portals, starting with the white wall the laser is hitting so the laser goes through all four portals and hits the laser receptors on the ground. When both receptors are hit by the laser the door to the next room will open.

Press the red button to get a cube. Orange stands on red button to lower barriers. Blue holds cube and directs laser to take out the turret robots. The laser can shoot through the glass walls.

Place cube to redirect the laser to the white wall directly ahead. Place portals on the white walls to direct the laser beam through the receptor on the floor and finally on the receptor on the wall. This builds stairs so you can walk up to the exit door.


Walk around the corner and Blue places a portal on the wall behind you and one on the roof of the maze across the gap. Blue goes through the portals to enter the maze while Orange presses the up and down buttons and directs Blue through the maze to the cube. Orange press down once so Blue can place the second portal on the wall to quickly come back to the other side of the gap.
Place cube under the laser and direct it onto the white wall ahead. Place portal on white wall and another on the wall above and behind you to direct the laser to the receptor on the wall. This opens the exit.


Blue holds the cube and directs the laser to one of the three receptors on the walls. The receptors will lift up the spikes and one of the two platforms so Orange can make his way across the water to the other side.

Once Orange is on the other side place a portal above the first platform and the second portal on the wall next to the exit. Blue will need to lift up the spikes and then make a run to the first portal so both players can reach the exit.


You will land on a walkway outside of the testing chambers. Look for a white wall below and to the right and place a portal on it. Place the second portal on the white wall halfway down the walkway. Go through to an office room.

A screen gives you the instruction to “Insert Disc”. Go to the next room and pull the Switches together to open the door briefly. Quickly shoot a portal through. Place a portal on this side and go through to find the disc. Bring the disc back and place it in the player to complete this section.

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