Portal 2 brings back the original Portal with new game mechanics, an immersive story, devious puzzles and some new and old characters. GLaDOS is back and she’s out for revenge. This time you’ll be sent through a series of tricky puzzles as she reconstructs the facility.

Portal 2 features a single-player campaign as well as a unique two-player cooperative mode where you’ll need to work together to solve each puzzle. Reviews on Steam have been overwhelmingly positive with over 100,000 people giving it an average rating of 98%.

Portal 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 1 – The Courtesy Call
Chapter 2 – The Cold Boot
Chapter 3 – The Return
Chapter 4 – The Surprise
Chapter 5 – The Escape
Chapter 6 – The Fall
Chapter 7 – The Reunion
Chapter 8 – The Itch
Chapter 9 – The Part Where He Kills You


Chapter 1 – Team Building
Chapter 2 – Mass and Velocity
Chapter 3 – Hard-Light Surfaces
Chapter 4 – Excursion Funnels
Chapter 5 – Mobility Gels
DLC – Peer Review Art Therapy