Nightdive Studios have just released the fully remastered Star Wars: Dark Forces. Once again you’ll be infiltrating the Empire in order to stop their reign of terror. This time you can enjoy all the action with 4k resolution at 120fps, high res textures, enhanced lighting and gamepad support.

Dark Forces takes place on Empire capital ships and worlds over 14 levels. You’ll have ten weapons at your disposal to take out the numerous enemies on each level.

Star Wars: Dark Forces was always much more than just a Doom clone. It brought the Star Wars narrative to life with good storytelling and cinematic sequences.

Nightdive are a talented team who have recently remastered System Shock, Quake 2 Blade Runner and Turok 3. All of these games stay true to the original while making them much more accessible to modern day gamers. We can expect much the same for Dark Forces and it looks like this is a great remaster of an old classic.

Nightdive are using the KEX Engine with the original Jedi Engine code. This means it’s a faithful rendition with enhanced framerate, resolution and widescreen support.

Everything asset in the game has been replaced with high-resolution versions. This includes character sprites, textures, lighting and atmospheric effects. You’ll be able to toggle on or off the remaster version at will, giving you a quick comparison between the original and remaster.

If you’ve never played Dark Forces now is the perfect time to give it a go. I’m sure the remastered edition will be the definitive edition to play. Some of the levels are complex and you’ll sometimes need to backtrack to access new areas or find keycards. There’s also a little bit of platforming in some sections which I think really adds to the immersion in the Star Wars universe.

If you get stuck at any point the walkthrough for the original Dark Forces can be found here. I’ll update it if I find any changes for the remastered version.


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