Main Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough

Taris is the first real location in Knights of the Old Republic that you’ll be able to explore. It’s a big city-planet with an Upper City for the wealthy and a Lower City for the poorer and seedier residents. The Sith and the Vulkars both have bases on this planet.

Upper City

You’ll start in an apartment in the Upper City. Have a chat with Carth and find out a little more about what’s going on. If you ask him about himself this will open up a quest to come back later and speak with him.

Go to the footlocker and take out the few items inside, then head out to the Upper City. The Sith are beating up on some poor residents in this complex. Take out the two droids and the Sith. You should have an ion blaster now which works well against droids. You can switch weapons while paused in combat by going to your inventory screen.

There’s a Twi’lek nearby who has set up a small shop in this apartment complex. You can buy and sell basic supplies from him.

Most of the doors here are low security. You can break into them and talk with the residents inside or steal items from the empty apartments. There’s only two residents that have anything to say.

Dia’s Bounty

Talk to Dia in one of the apartments. She refused Holden’s advances and slashed him with a vibroblade. Now she has a bounty on her head. If you tell her that you’ll take care of it you will gain light side points. Holden is in the Upper City Cantina. Talk with him and pay him 200 credits to have the bounty removed. If you choose to kill her you can visit Zax in the Lower City and claim a reward of 300 credits.

Old Man’s Bounty

Head out of the apartment block and in the corner of the city you’ll notice two bounty hunters chatting with an old man. When you take an interest in the encounter they will tell you to go away. Stay and fight with them. The bounty hunter corpses have 50 credits on the that they stole from the old man. If you want to gain light side points say that you’ll help him out and give him 100 credits to pay Davik back.

Rapid Transit System

The Rapid Transit System is a side quest that let’s you teleport straight back to your hide out. To complete the quest go into your map and press the Return to Hideout button.

Pazaak Rules

Visit the Cantina in the Upper City and speak with the guys around the Pazaak table. Garouk will sell you his deck and also teach you how to play the game. If you go through the quick tutorial you will complete this quest.

Sith Officer

To your right as you enter is an off-duty Sith officer. She’s difficult to talk to but if you play your cards right you may be invited to a Sith party. She’ll even point it out to you on your map. You may want to visit this party later on as it’s one of he ways to get a Sith uniform.

The Duel Ring

The Duel Ring is where contestants fight for money. If you join in the the duels you’ll be faced against increasingly tougher and tougher opponents. After each successful fight you’ll be given a share of the winnings. Speak with Ajuur near the Duel Ring to begin your first fight. If you continue your fighting career you’ll have to face Dead-Eye Duncan, Gerlon Two-Fingers, Ice, Marl and Twitch.

The first two fights against Duncan and Gerlon are pretty easy. Use whatever style suits you and blast or chop them to pieces. No-one actually dies in the dueling ring as there are safety features to ensure you don’t get seriously injured.

Ice is a tougher battle. She has around 50 points of health and will shoot at you with blasters. Use a grenade if you need to finish her off.

Marl is an experienced fighter. He’ll run at you from the get-go and do some major melee damage. Trying to fight him with melee weapons is probably not the wisest option so keep your blasters out and start firing away.

Twitch is the local champion and will take about 100 points of damage before he falls down. String various attacks together or use grenades to take down his health. Ajurr the Hut will reward you with 500 credits once you defeat him. Make sure you bring along some medpacs before you begin the tougher fights.

Bendak Starkiller

Once you’ve defeated Twitch in the duels Bendak Starkiller will appear in the Pazzak room of the Cantina. Have a chat with him and agree to do battle in a true death match. You can’t fight him straight away as the place needs to be prepared for the duel. Leave for a while and when you come back speak with Ajurr about starting the death duel.

Bendak uses a single blaster pistol but it packs a bunch and he has great aim. Stock up on medpacs and throw in a few grenades to take down his health. Once he’s been defeated speak with Ajurr once more to get your reward. You can also visit Zax the Hut in the Lower City to claim the bounty for some extra credits. You’ll gain dark side points for claiming his bounty.

Medical Mysteries

The medical facility is located across from where you rescued the old man from the bounty hunters. Inside have a chat with Zelka. You’ll be able to buy medpacs and other items here but also gain a lot of information. If you’re nice to Zelka and he trusts you he’ll show you the back room where he’s trying to heal some injured Republic soldiers.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - ZelkaZelka will also tell you about the Rakghoul disease which is plaguing those in the Under City. He tells you about the Sith having a Rakghoul serum and wants to get a hold of it so he can create a cure. You won’t be able to get your hands on this until you go down to the Under City.

On your way out Gurney will suggest that you take the Rakghoul serum to Zax instead as he’s able to offer a much greater reward.

Droid Scare

Later on you’ll be back here to purchase a real droid but if you do purchase the only droid available for sale right now, the T3-H8, it will break down as soon as you leave the shop. You can go back to the Twi’lek and get a refund or persuade her for an extra 25 credits and dark side points.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Droid ShopSith Armour

You’ll need a Sith uniform to get into the Lower City and there are two ways to find one. If you managed to become friends with the Sith Officer in the Cantina then you would have been invited to the party. Go to the North Apartments and find the right room where the party is in full swing. Once everyone passes out from the Taris Ale search one of the backpacks for the Sith Armour.

If you weren’t invited to the party don’t worry, you can still find the Sith armour in another apartment where a man is being interrogated by Sith soldiers. Intervene and take down the three Sith. One of them will have Sith Armour for you to loot. The man you saved will tell you he was stealing uniforms to give to Gadon in the Lower City. Gadon is the leader of the Hidden Beks.

Largo’s Bounty

Largo is also located in the North Apartments although I think in the north side. He has a bounty on his head and will ask for 200 credits to pay Davik back. You’ll gain more light side points for this.

Lower City

Equip your Sith Armour and go to the northern part of the city. To the north west is the entrance to the Sith Base but just before it is an elevator going down to the Lower City. If you’re wearing your Sith Armour the Sith guarding the elevator will let you go through.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Lower City ElevatorAs soon as you enter the Lower City you’ll stumble right into a fight between the Vulkars and the Hidden Beks. The Vulkars will easily win and you’ll have to take them out yourselves.

There are three groups you need to be aware of, the Hidden Beks who are quite friendly, the Vulkars who are trying to take over and Davik’s Crime Syndicate. The Beks and the Vulkars are both swoop gangs.

Lower City Cantina

Go to the west and visit the lower city Cantina. You’ll pass some more apartments along the way. Feel free to go inside and explore all of the rooms. You’ll be faced with some more battles and a fair bit of loot as well.

Once inside the Cantina you’ll see the Pazaak table as in the Upper City. If you like playing Pazaak talk to Uriah and buy some of his rare cards.

As you enter you’ll see a small cutscene with the infamous Calo Nord. Have a chat with him but make sure you finish talking to him before he counts to three otherwise he will kill you.

Inside the Cantina a couple of Rodians are talking nasty to a Twi’lek dancing girl called Mission. Luckily she has a big wookie friend, Zaalbar, that helps her out. She seems friendly and will join your party later on.

Zax the Hut’s Bounty Office is in one of the rooms of the Cantina. You can find out about all of the bounties and collect rewards from Zax. If you’ve already killed Bendak in the duels you can get your reward of 300 credits here. Zax will also let you know that the Rakghoul Serum is worth 1,000 credits to Davik.

In one corner is a Twi’lek dancing girl going through an audition. She can’t do it herself and needs your help. If you help her out you’ll gain some experience points.

Hidden Beks Base

Further down the hall you’ll find the entrance to the Beks Base. Talk to the guard and convince her that you’re friendly and she should let you in. Speak with Gadon, sitting behind the desk, and he’ll give you information about Bastila and how she was captured by the Vulkars. Bastila is being offered as a reward to the winner of the next swoop race.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Gadon ThekYou’ll be able to enter the swoop race but before you do you’ll need to recover the accelerator that the Vulkars stole from the Beks. To get to the Vulkars base you’ll need to find a hidden entrance through the sewers in the Under City. Gadon will give you security papers to get down there in exchange for your Sith Armour.

Selven’s Bounty

Selven is located in one of the apartments. She is wanted for killing many people. Pick the lock and refuse when she tells you to leave. Alone she shouldn’t be too much to handle. Go back to Zax for the 300 credits.

Matrik’s Bounty

Matrik is also located in the apartment complex. Matrik apparently doesn’t deserve the bounty on his head. You can agree with him to stage his death by going to the Upper City equipment shop and buying the permacrete detonator for 50 credits. Take it back to Matrik to stage his death. You can then go back to Zax to pick up the bounty for 300 credits.

Go out of the apartments and continue down the corridor to the elevator with a Sith guarding it. Along the way you’ll meet Canderous talking with some Vulkars. He will become your ally later in the game.

Under City

Small Village

To get into the Under City talk to the guard and show him the papers that Gadon gave you. Take the elevator down to the Under City. Some little kids will demand 5 credits for using the elevator. If you give them 20 credits you’ll get light side points.

A woman named Shaleena will intervene. You can ask her about the various people and places of the Under City.

Walk into the small village and talk to both Gendar and Rukil. Gendar is the leader of this small tribe and tells you that Mission and her friend often go walking in the sewers. Rukil has lost an apprentice in the sewers who was trying to gather information about the Promised Land.

In the middle of the area is a guy called Igear who has a small shop if you need some extra supplies.

Head towards the gate and you’ll see a boy running from Rakghoul. Convince the man to open the gate by telling him that you will fight them. Kill the Rakghoul and then go back and talk to Gendar.

Head out of the gate and you’ll bump into Mission. Her wookie friend, Zaalbar, has been captured. She will agree to show you into the Vulkar base if you help her find her friend.

Out here you will find Canderous and his men. Help them find off the Rakghouls and they will leave. There’s a dead body here towards the north west with a journal about the Promised Land. Take this back to Rukil who will tell you to continue the quest.

Infected Outcasts & Rakghoul Serum

To the south east corner near the locked sewer entrance is a body with the Rakghoul Serum. This is what you need to take back to Zelka to make more of the serum but we’ll return to the Upper City later. For now take the serum into the village and use it on the infected outcasts. You’ll be able to save some of them and the others will turn into Rakghoul.

The Sewers

To the north west you’ll find a sewer entrance. Go down and have a look around. Down here you’ll be faced with Gamorreans and Rakghouls. Use Mission to disable any mines that you come across. She won’t be skilled enough to recover them just yet.

Explore all of the paths until you find a locked door with Zaalbar inside. Zaalbar will give you a life debt and vow to follow you wherever you go. Speak to him kindly as there is no way to change his mind.

Somewhere over the east side of the sewers is a force field. Mission will say that she knows how to open it. Go through the door into the upper part of the sewers.

Here you’ll find a circular room with Rakghoul attacking some of the Gamorreans. Wait to see who wins or just join in the battle and kill them all.

Follow the walkways down into another circular room and then take the south east walkway down to a severed arm. Have a look at it and take the synthesized odor. Open the door into the room with the Rancor.

Defeating the Rancor

There are a few ways to defeat the Rancor although he will kill each of your characters with a single swipe. The easiest way is to look in the pile of bones. Click on “Switch to Give Item” and place a grenade in there with the synthesized odor.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - RancorThe Rancor will eat it and explode. You could also try and fight the Rancor with grenades but this is pretty risky. Use the elevator behind the Rancor to find the hidden entrance to the Black Vulkar Base.

Black Vulkar Base

There’ll be a few tough fights in this base so I find it’s best to have Zaalbar take the lead so he can take most of the fire. Have Zaalbar use one of the vibroblades. He’s so strong that he will just slice through most enemies.

To the south of where you enter is the rec room. Most of the foes here are pretty easy to deal with. Speak with the waitress and she’ll be you not to hurt her.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - WaitressAround the corner from the rec center you’ll find some Vulkar Sentries guarding a door. Use Mission to open the door and find some grenades, armour, upgrades and a few other items.

Have a look at the computer near here and slice into the computer. You can have a look at all the security cameras are to get some idea of the layout of the Vulkar Base. When you look through a camera the room will be added to your map.

There are 8 enemies in the Barracks. You may want to overload the circuit there which will kill 7 of them. Mission can do it for 4 spikes.

Now go to the System Commands and open all of the security doors for an extra 2 spikes. You should gain some extra xp for this and have a good idea of the layout of the base.

Now that all of the doors are open enter into the Control Room. The guy there will give up instantly without a fight. Ask him about the accelerator and he’ll tell you that it’s kept in the Basement Garage which you can get to by taking the security elevator down. You’ll need a pass card to get past the security lasers.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Vulkar Control RoomNext continue west into the Barracks. If you used the overload command most of the Vulkars should be dead except for one. Kill him and search the bodies for the pass card and some advanced medpacs.

Head north to the pool. There’s a droid here that needs to be reactivated. If you go into the pool yourself you’ll take damage from the gas and be poisoned. Program the droid to roll into the pool and self destruct. This will disable the gas allowing you to get into the footlocker at the back.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Vulkar PoolInside the footlocker are some weapon’s upgrades, including a hair trigger, and three plasma grenades.

With the western section complete head back to the east and then north. This will take you around to the elevator to the basement. Use the Security Panel and Insert the Pass Card to disable the security lasers. Head down the elevator to the basement.

Vulkar Basement

There are some junkpile droids that you can reactivate and I guess have them patrol the area for you. Head down the corridor to the right, which leads west and take out the Vulkar Guards. In one of the rooms will be the Gargage Head’s Desk with some Pazaak cards, upgrades and the Garage Head Key Card. Take all of the items. There’s also a Security Panel here that you can use to view all of the cameras.

The Engine Lab is where you’ll find the Swoop Accelerator. Before you go there head to the Landing Bay in the east. Kill the droid there and unlock the footlocker for a reward of 2,000 credits!

Head to the south and east to face the final Vulkar battle with Kandon and his guards. He will offer you the choice to go and with with him and the Vulkars. If you refuse you’ll be sent into battle.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - KandonThis will be a tough fight as Kandon is more than a match even for Zaalbar in melee fighting. The way I defeated him was to focus all my firepower on Kandon while throwing grenades at the other guards. Kandon has a lot of loot on him including another hair trigger upgrade.

Head around the corner, disable the mine and find the Swoop Accelerator Engine. Woohoo, now it’s time for some fun!

Head out of the base back into the Lower City. Go visit Gadon again and let him know you have the accelerator.

Swoop Races

You’ll rest at the Hidden Beks Base for the night and in the morning begin the swoop races. You’ll have four or five runs to win the race. Don’t go too fast in your first run because no matter what time you get someone will beat it. Go just fast enough to get the fastest time. Use the accelerators on the ground to speed up your swoop bike. Speak to the Race Announcer to begin your first run.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Swoop RaceNo matter what time you get Redros will beat it. You’ll have to go out for another heat and try to beat his time. This time when you win you will take first prize!

Rescuing Bastila

Brejik, head of the Black Vulkars will come forward to present the prize. He will claim you cheated by using an accelerator. Bastila will break out of her cage and a fight will begin.

Focus your attention on keeping Brejik busy. Bastila will take care of all of the other guards herself. The two of you can then gang up on Brejik. Brejik has equipment that resists damage from melee attacks. It’s best  to use blasters against him. Once you kill him you’ll automatically loot his body and take the equipment for yourself.

After rescuing Bastila you’ll be taken back to your hideout.


Now’s the time that you can complete any remaining quests that you want to get out of the way. When you leave the hideout a Rodian will come running up to you with a message saying that Canderous Ordo wants to meet you in the Upper City Cantina.

Medical Mysteries

There’s no rush. Finish off any other business you want to take care of, like taking the Rakghoul Serum to Zelka to finish of the Medical Mysteries quest. You’ll get two medpacs and a few extra credits. You’ll also get light side points.


Once you’re ready go to the Cantina and speak with Canderous. He’ll tell you that he has a plan to get off the planet but he needs the Sith Launch Codes to get away without being blown up by the Sith. You’ll need to infiltrate the Sith Military Base and find the codes. The only way into the base is by using an Astromech Droid able to slice through the security systems.

Buy a Droid

Luckily Davik was having a droid like that being built by Janice Nall. You’ll need to go to the droid shop and buy the droid for 2,000 credits. Tell him you’ve got a deal.

Go to the Droid Shop and speak with Janice. Tell her you want to buy the T3-M4 Droid. You can buy it for 2,000 credits or persuade her to sell it to you for half price. The T3-M4 droid will now join your team and you can select it whenever you go out adventuring.

Level up the T3-M4 droid and make sure you equip him with any droid weapons and upgrades you’ve found along the way. The stun ray and flame thrower are really powerful weapons to have in a battle but they have limited uses. Now that you have the droid bring him along with another member and head towards the entrance to the Sith Military Base.

Sith Base

The door to the Sith Base can not be opened with normal security skills. You’ll need the T3-M4 to crack through the security systems and unlock the door. You’ll come straight into the reception area. Talk with her and let her leave. At the reception desk you’ll find a terminal. Slice into it to see all the cameras.

There is an assault droid guarding the elevator. You may want to disable its shields to make fighting it easier later on.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Sith Base Assault DroidIf you want to make your life much easier in the Sith Base go to the System Commands and take all of the Sentry Droids offline. Now you’ll only have to deal with the Sith and not their droids. After looking at the terminal most of the rooms should be showing on your map. The Control Center is to the west and the elevator is to the south east.

In the room to the west you’ll have to face three Sith and a Technician. The door north leads to other areas of the base. I won’t explore every room in detail as you’ll figure it out as you go along.

Continue down the hall to the north until you come to a room with yellow tubes. A guy is stuck in one of them and he begs you to let him out. To set him free set all of the panels on the wall behind you to the red position. There are five panels. As you switch one the ones next to it also switch. Just play around with it until they all turn red.

Take the path to the west into the Control Room. There’s a lot of guys in here as well as a gas mine right in front of the door. Use blasters to take them out and disable the mine. Targeting is difficult with the mine in the way so you may want to disable that first. Some of the Sith will throw grenades so be careful.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Sith Base Control RoomIn the Barracks you’ll find a Sith Captain. There’s an advanced medpac in the footlocker.

In the Armoury to the south west you’ll find a Flame Thrower for T3-M4 as well as some other loot.

With the west side of the base clear it’s time to head to the elevator in the east. Take the corridor leading east and enter the first door on the right. Kill the Sith and grab the Sith Base Passcard from the footlocker.

Continue to the south and face the Assault Droid guarding the elevator. Hopefully you’ve disabled its shields otherwise just go in there all guns blazing and hope for the best! Once you’ve killed the droid head down the elevator to the second level.

Sith Governor

When you open the door you’ll be faced with the Sith Governor. He’s not a real Jedi yet so you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking him down. Use the droids Stun Ray to stun him for 9 seconds at a time while you  blast away at him. He should barely get a shot off at you.

When he’s dead you’ll earn 100 xp. Check his remains for the Taris Launch Codes. Well done. Now all you need is a ship to get off this planet!

Head out of the Sith Base and back to your Hideout to heal up. Have a chat with any of the characters that you need to in order to continue their quests such as with Carth or Bastila.

Davik’s Estate

Head down to the Lower City and visit Javyar’s Cantina there. Canderous will be waiting for you. Tell him you have the Taris Launch Codes and agree to join forces. He’ll organize for you to be introduced to Davik so you can get into his estate.

Davik will give you a tour of his estate. He’s also looking for the Sith Launch Codes so he can leave the planet. When you are taken to your guest quarters have a look at the map. The Ebon Hawk is located to the south and the Throne room is in the center.

Take the door to the north and kill the guards so you can get access to the Security Panel. Have a look at all the cameras to get the basic layout of the Estate. There’s the Spice Room and “Guest” Room that you may want to visit before going to the Hangar.

Go into the System Commands and disable the Hangar Security.

“Guest” Room

The “Guest” Room is in the very north of the Estate. It’s here that someone is being tortured.

Knights of the Old Republic Taris - Davik's Estate Cage ReleaseKill the two Torture Droids and then press the Cage Release to let the man free. Luckily he knows the codes to disable the security system protecting the Ebon Hawk. He will load them into your datapad.

With the Hangar Security disabled and the Codes to the Ebon Hawk in your datapad you’re ready to visit the Hangar. Visit the other rooms if you like. Although there are many of Davik’s men walking around most of the fights are pretty easy as they are poorly armed.

Ebon Hawk

As you enter the Hangar the Sith will begin bombing the planet. Davik is here with his personal bodyguard Calo Nord! They will use blasters so make sure all of your characters turn on their Energy Shields.

Before the end of the battle Davik will be killed by a Sith strike and Calo will detonate himself. Quickly grab Davik’s remains and then head into the Ebon Hawk. You’ll take damage for as long as you’re in the Hangar due to the Sith bombardments so go quickly up into the Ebon Hawk.

The Sith will completely destroy Taris. Luckily you got out with all of your characters.

The Sith spacecraft will attack and you’ll be required to man the guns.

Knights of the Old Republic Ebon Hawk GunsTake out all of the attacking Sith to escape from Taris.

Wow, it’s been quite a journey. I hope you’ve made it this far! Get ready to meet some of the Jedi and learn the ways of the force in Part 3: Dantooine!