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Main Objectives

Use the computer to send a message.

Turn on the big computer.

Find the drone.

Optional Objectives

Memory 1/27 – Walk past the beach mural to unlock this memory automatically.


Drop down into the flat and walk into the next room through the beads or through the hole in the wall above the toilet. In the next room jump onto the keyboard and start pressing the keys to send a message.

After doing this 3 times the side door will open. Go through into the computer room. The large computer on the far wall has 4 slots for power units. You’ll need to find a place all four of them.

One is on the center table.

Pull the Switch in one corner of the room and the trolley will roll across to the left. On it you’ll find another power unit, then in the top corner is the third power unit.

The fourth power unit can be found up on the top of the book shelves on the other side of the room.

To get up there you’ll need to jump onto the stool and then onto the to of the bookshelf.

Place all the power units in the slots under the large computer and the bookshelf to the left will slide open revealing a secret room.

Jump onto the robot and then onto the shelving to the left. Push off the box with the drone inside.

The drone will fall out of the box. Pick up the drone and take it back to the previous room. Place it on lit up area of the large computer to bring it to life.

B-12 will be your drone companion for most of the rest of the game. It can translate and speak to the robots when you find them.

Follow B-12 to the board with the keys and ask it to pick up the Key.

Then follow it to the desk with the harness and you’ll wear the drone harness. Once you get used to wearing the harness find the locked door and have B-12 use the key to open it.

Once you’re in the hallway take a right into the dark room. Have B-12 use the light, then jump onto the shelf and knock off the can of paint so you can see the code (3 7 4 8).

Type the code into the Digicode to open the door and go outside. Ride the bucket down to the area below. On the other side you’ll find a mural where you’ll pick up Memory 1/27. This one is automatic but most of the other memories you’ll need to interact with manually.

Walk around to the right and head down the steps. Jump across to the roof and then make your way down to the ground below.

Take the bucket across the gap with Zurks and get ready to run on the other side. Jump up to the green bin and then up to the pipe. Run along until you see a robot sweeper in the distance. Congratulations! You’ve made it to the Slums.


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