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Main Objectives

Find Doc.

Find a weapon to combat the Zurk.

Bring Doc back to the Slums.

Optional Objectives

Find the Memory 12/27, Memory 13/27 and Memory 14/27.


Follow Seamus through the exit of the Slums. He’s too scared to go with you because the Zurk will eat him. Instead he gives you the Outsider Badge so that Doc will recognize you.

Follow the path down to the intersection and turn left to find Memory 12/27 by the metal shutter at the end of the street.

Head back the other way and slide down the ramp to the canal. Quickly run through the canal as you avoid the attacking Zurks. Eventually you’ll be able to jump up to a low wall to safety.

Jump across the metal beams, pipes and barrels until you get to another wall where you can jump down to a cart. Ride the cart until you fall off and then walk to the end of the canal.

Jump up the pipes until you can jump up to the collection of air-conditioning units. From here continue straight ahead at the intersection, go through the hole in the fence and check out the dead robot for Memory 13/27.

Go back to the intersection, jump up twice and then jump over the fence. You’ll drop down into what appears to be a small neighbourhood. The building straight ahead is where you’ll find Doc.

Jump over the gap in the bridge and take either path to the left or right around to the back of the building. Jump through the window, head downstairs and you’ll meet Doc.

Doc notices your Outsider Badge but tells you he has no idea how to escape. First take a look at the mannequin with the bucket on it for Memory 14/27.

Take a look around and jump onto the desk in a side room with the yellow Defluxor on it. Doc will pick it up and ask you to recharge it at the generator. Follow Doc upstairs and he’ll give you a Fuse. You’ll need to place it in the generator.

Jump out the window when Doc opens it for you and make your way around to the front of the house. Jump over the bridge and follow the wiring to the generator. Place the fuse in the slot.

Once the generator is turned on the Zurk will be attracted to the noise. Doc will use the Defluxor to zap the Zurk. Try to stay in the purple spotlight while he guides you back to the house.

Back inside Doc will modify the Defluxor so that it can be used by B-12. Press the LB to bring out B-12 and then hold to use the Defluxor. It overheats quickly so you can only use it in short bursts. If it overheats it will take a few seconds to cool down.

Follow Doc out the front door and kill the Zurk by the fence. Head out the gate and across the bridge. The garage door is shut so you’ll need to find another way inside. Roll one barrel out the way so you can roll the second barrel across to the left.

Roll it all the way to the left until you see the open vent above and jump inside. Jump down to the floor level and pull the switch. Head out to the next area and kill all the Zurks. Once the room is clear the door with Doc behind it will open. Quickly save him and try to clear out the rest of the Zurk as the door closes.

Head to the other side of the room and wait for Doc to open the door. Follow him back to the Slums. After the reunion finish off anything you want to finish in the Slums and then head past the guitar player to Momo who’s waiting for you on a raft.

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