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Main Objectives

Make it through the Sewers.

Optional Objectives

Find Memory 15/27 and Memory 16/27.


Ride the raft through the sewers until you get to the closed gate. Jump through on the right side and make your way around the top walkway. Drop down and kill the Zurk in the eggs by the Switch.

Once the coast is clear pull the Switch to open the gate and let Momo through. Jump onto the raft as Momo sails past and ride it to the next area.

When you get to the next closed door wait for Momo to open it and then jump across the barrels to the tunnel. Momo can’t go with you any further as he has to manually keep the door open.

Run through the tunnel and jump up to the walkway. Follow the path around and once you get to this intersection take a left for a memory.

Kill the Zurk in the eggs and run through the pipe in the wall. On the other side you’ll find Memory 15/27 as you look out beyond the walkway.

Head back through the pipe and then make your way down the walkways and pipes. You’ll go through a pipe in the wall into a large room with Zurk eggs everywhere.

You can either clear them out as you go or make a dash for the Switch on the left side. You can stealth past most of them. Jump up and pull the Switch to open the door to the next area.

Make a run for it as the Zurk will be attracted. Continue running through the tunnels while avoiding the Zurks. Eventually you’ll drop down to a pipe where the Zurk won’t follow.

First take the pipe to the left, jump across the barrels and into another pipe. On the other side you’ll find Memory 16/27.

Head back the way you came and take walk along the pipe the other direction. Go through the pipe in the wall which leads out to another room.

There are two panels on either side of a locked door. You’ll need to interact with both of them to unlock the door. When you unlock one side the Zurk will be alerted to your presence. Either go slowly and kill them all or run past them to the second panel.

When the door opens run through and enjoy the cutscene. B-12 will save you but he’ll be damaged. You’ll automatically pick him up but you’ll need to make a run for it.

Run and dodge past all the Zurk. If you take the right paths and swerve to avoid being jumped on you’ll make it to the sewer exit just as the door is closing.

On the other side have B-12 hack the ventilation to stop the fan and then go through the pipe. On the other side run through the large tunnel and then through a small gap in the gate. On the other side you’ll find the Antvillage.

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