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The first chapter of Stray, Inside the Wall, serves as a tutorial and will help you get used to the controls. It’s a short chapter and is impossible to get lost.

You’ll begin in a large tunnel with three other cats. Walk up to each of them and interact with them to get them to go to sleep. Interact with the cardboard mat where they’re all sleeping to curl up next to them. In the morning you’ll begin your adventure.

You’ll automatically follow the other cats down the pipes to the ground below. Follow the path along, meow at the other cats to attract their attention, take a sip of water at any puddles and scratch the one tree along the way if you want. Run over the pipes and then jump across a series of pipes.

Continue along the path and then crawl through a small tunnel for the stream of water. Follow the cats across the beams and then down to the pipe on the other side.

As you try to jump across the pipe you’ll fall down to the darkness below. When you wake up you’ll see a metal door open and some creatures run through it. Follow the creatures to the door and go through to the other side to end the chapter.

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