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Main Objectives

Find the secret lab.

Fix the broken tracker to find Doc.

Optional Objectives

Finish off any objectives from The Slums (Chapter 4).


Back in Momo’s apartment you’ll notice he’s missing but he’s left a note on his TV. Use B-12 to unlock the window and head outside.

If you haven’t spoken with the robots throwing the cans of pain talk to them now. Interact with the one throwing the cans and meow just as she’s about to make the movement and she’ll drop a can of paint down to the street below. The owner of Super Sprint will come out angrily and start cleaning up, leaving the shop door open.

Drop down to the street level and enter Super Sprint Laundry. Jump on the counter by the window and pick up the Super Sprint Detergent.

Run back to Azooz at the little market and trade the Super Sprint Detergent for the Electric Cables. Take them to Grandma Clothing and trade the Electric Cables for a Poncho.

Head to the bar and speak with Momo who’s waiting for you outside. Follow him inside and sit on the stool next to him. You’ll briefly get in contact with Zbaltazar before losing the signal.

Follow Momo to Seamus’ apartment and go in the little vent when prompted by Momo.

Seamus’ Apartment

Talk to Seamus and give him Doc’s Notebook. He never knew about the secret room, but how do you get inside? Explore the apartment and knock over the pictures on the wall.

Behind one of them you’ll find a Digicode pad. Knock over more pictures on the other counter and one of them will have the clue “Time will tell”.

Take a look at the wall behind the sofa and you’ll notice four clocks. They point to 2 5 1 1. This is the code for the digicode pad.

Enter in the code and a secret door in the side wall will open. Head on through to the secret laboratory.

The Secret Room

There are a few things to have a look at in this room but what you need to do to proceed is knock off the white box on top of the shelving.

Jump up and knock it off. When it falls to the floor a Broken Tracker will fall out. Grab it and show it to Seamus. He’ll tell you to go and get it repaired and then open the door so you can leave the apartment.

Fixing the Tracker

There’s only one person who knows how to fix a broken tracker, Elliot. Make your way to Elliot’s Programming and show him the Broken Tracker.

He’s too shaky to fix it so give him the Poncho to warm him up. now he’ll be able to fix the Tracker. Take it back to Seamus and show it to him. Walk with him as he tracks Doc to one of the exits out of the slums.

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