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Main Objectives

Follow the clues through the Dead City into an abandoned apartment.


When you walk towards the fence you’ll notice some little creatures (Zurks) running away and hiding. Ignore them for now and jump onto the large green bin and then onto the roof of the abandoned shop and then down to the ground on the other side.

Follow the road down and you’ll see a yellow sign with an arrow showing you the way.

Continue past it down the steps to a flooded area. If you look at the building ahead of you a sign will light up saying HELP and pointing to the right.

Jump across the barrels and run along the pipes to the right. Go through the hole in the fence and follow the sign to the left.

Another series of monitors will point through the window to the left. Jump through to the next area.

In this room grab one of the empty buckets lying on the floor and jump up the pipes to the fan on the far wall. Drop the bucket onto the ramp so it falls into the fan. The fan will get stuck and you’ll be able to walk through.

Jump down to the planks on the left and knock off the cans of paint if you want. Jump across to the other side and jump up to another can of blue paint. Knock it off the edge to break the glass roof below and then drop down into the apartment.

Head through to the next room and take a sip of water from the bowl if you want. Go through the gaps in the boarded up front door to another alley.

Jump into the bucket and ride it down. Follow the alley down past a yellow sign. Some Zurks will run away again. In the next area you’ll meet an almost dead robot. Go up and interact with it, then jump up to the green bin ahead and then onto the roof under the sign.

Walk through the alley and you’ll get a little cutscene. The Zurks are not so friendly, or scared, after all. Hold the right trigger to run and swerve to the left and right to avoid being jumped on by the Zurks.

Follow the neon signs and make your way through the city. At one point you can go down some stairs on the right or up the stairs on the left. Either path is fine and will take you to the same place.

Eventually you’ll jump across a gap and into a window where you’ll be safe from the Zurks. You can meow to get a response from any nearby monitors, lights or signs if you’re not sure where to go.

Head upstairs to the outside platform and jump across to the yellow air-conditioning unit. Continue jump across the rooftops and pipes until you can follow the sign to the right.

Run across the rooftop and push over the plank to the left.

Jump onto it and then over to the other side. Follow the sign to the right and then jump through another window. Head through the house to the outside yard.

Stand in the barrel and roll it across to the right. You’ll be able to jump on top of it to the roof above. Then across to the metal beam. Meow and the lights will show you where to go.

Jump down to the roof on the other side and then down on the left. Walk along the scaffolding and jump across to a plank. The plank will break and you’ll fall down.

Run back the other way and then run across a metal beam. Jump across to the sign and then onto the roof. Jump up to the scaffolding and then jump up again to where you can push over another plank.

Head across the plank then jump across to more scaffolding. Make your way around to the left and onto a balcony. Meow to show the way.

Jump to the sign, then another balcony and then run across a plank to another roof. Jump onto the air conditioning units and around the room to the other side. Continue onto a rooftop, up a unit and into a higher room in the same building. It may look like a dead end but you an walk through the bars in the side door.

In the next room pull out the power unit to stop the fan from spinning. Jump into the vent and down the other side into the Flat.

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