The Flame that Cleanses is only available if you’ve chosen to take the Order of the Flaming Rose path. It’s given by Zoltan at the Vizima Dike at the start of Chapter 5.

When you enter Old Vizima you’ll meet up with White Rayla (#1). She boasts about how many Scoia’tael she’s killed (20 in total) and you’ll need to match that number before carrying on. To prove you’ve killed just as many Scoia’tael you’ll have to pick up the Squirrel Puffs from the dead Scoia’tael. Once you have 20 make your way to the Field Hospital (#2) in the center of the map.

When you enter the hospital to speak with Shani a messenger will arrive with news of a ‘striga’ sighting near the Tower (#3). Follow the messenger to the tower and deal with the Mutant and then come back to the hospital.

This time as you’re speaking with Shani you’ll be rudely interrupted by Scoia’tael who want to kill the wounded soldiers. Take them out with Shani’s help and then leave the hospital for another battle. This time the Scoia’tael are trying to target White Rayla. Kill the Scoia’tael soldiers and wander over to the Order Command Post (#4) where you’ll have the chance to sleep with White Rayla if you want.

When you leave the command post you’ll find out that White Rayla has been trapped behind some barricades. It’s up to you and Siegfried to go and rescue her at (#5). You’ll need to use the Aard sign to break through the barricades.

There are more barricades at (#6) and it’s at this point that White Rayla gets assassinated by Yaevinn. Kill the Scoia’tael and then you’ll head off to the Swamp Cemetery with Siegfried.

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