Hope Burns Bright is a main quest if you chose to ally yourself with the Scoia’tael. It will be initiated once you speak to Zoltan Chivay at the Vizima Dike. He’ll inform you that Shani has set up a Field Hospital (#1) in the center of Old Vizima. Your goal will be to escort the patients and other civilians safely out of the area.

You’ll enter Old Vizima at Location (#2) where you’ll meet up with Zoltan. He’ll then tell you about the location of two groups of Refugees at (#3) and (#4). You’ll need to escort them back to the Field Hospital.

As you enter and speak with Shani a Soldier will enter and tell you about the beast attacking people around the Tower (#5). Once you’ve taken care of it go back to the hospital and speak to Shani once more. This time Knights of the Order will bust in and you and Shani will have to kill them.

Leave the hospital, kill a few more Knights and then follow Toruviel back to the Scoia’tael Hideout (#6) where you’ll have a chance to sleep with her.

An Elven Commander will tell you that it’s time to strike at the Order. You’ll need to fight your way through the Order Knights and Soldiers. There are some barricades in the way which you’ll need to destroy using the Aard sign. You’ll eventually reach Toruviel (#7) who will tell you to create a distraction.

Blast through another barricade and kill the Knights. This will trigger a cut-scene and you’ll be teleported over to the Swamp Cemetery.

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