A Magic Formula is the quest to recreate Raven’s Armor for those on the Neutral Path.¬†Kalkstein will be the one who puts the armor together and you can find him at the tower once you deal with the mutant. He needs a number of components including 2 Pieces of Raven’s Armor, the armor of the Knight De Ruyter, the Notes of an Elven Minstrel and Agnes of Glanville’s magic Formula.

The items can be found in the Swamp Cemetery. Kalkstein will give you the code for getting past the Waystone and into an Underground Laboratory. The combination is Aard, Igni, Aard. Use this on the Waystone to open a passage to the laboratory where you can find Agnes of Glanville’s Magic Formula.

Once you have all of the pieces bring them back to Kalkstein and he will assemble Raven’s Armor for you.

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