This quest begins when you speak to King Foltest in the castle at the beginning of the chapter. He will tell you to deal with the matter, even if it means killing Princess Adda if you can’t remove the curse.┬áInside the castle you can speak with De Wett, Triss and Velerad who will each give you their opinion on the matter. After speaking with them a Chamberlain will tell you that the King is ready to speak with you again. Head over to the King’s Chamber for a final chat with him.

When you enter Old Vizima you’ll be attacked by the side that you’re not aligned with, both of them if you’ve remained neutral. A makeshift hospital is in the center of Old Vizima. This is where you’ll find Shani. When you enter the hospital a soldier will tell you that the Striga has been sighted in a tower.

Follow the soldier to find the tower. When you get there you’ll be attacked by a Mutant, not a Striga. Kalkstein will be arrive at the tower once you’ve killed the beast and tell you that the Striga is in the Swamp Cemetery.

Make your way over to the Swamp Cemetery and head to the Chapel near the center of the map. Here you’ll find Velerad who’ll lead you into the Crypt under the Chapel.

Unfortunately Velerad locks you in the Crypt and tells you that he’ll let you out once you’ve dealt with the Striga. You have two options here, kill the Striga or lift the curse.

To lift the curse find the Sarcophagus and stand on it or near it. You’ll need to protect yourself from the Striga as the candles go out. Eventually dawn will come and the Striga will transform back into Princess Adda. Approach Princess Adda and Geralt will help her back to the Chapel.

Outside Velerad has a message from King Foltest. The Salamandra are housed up in an Old Manor so you’ll need to take the Road to the Old Manor for the final confrontation. You may want to finish off any other quests before starting the final battle.

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