So begins a long trek through the Ice Plains where you’ll encounter the Grand Master numerous times as you make your way towards the Grand Master’s Temple. This journey also gives you a recap of many of your past decisions as you’ll come across visions of Geralt’s friends and enemies from the previous chapters.

The in-game map function is not available for the Ice Plains although have put together the following map.

1) Starting Point – You’ll begin in a cave on the Ice Plains.

2) Grand Master – After a brief chat he will teleport to a mountain far away.

3) Shani or Triss – Depending on who you chose in Chapter 3 Shani or Triss will appear here and follow you to the final fight.

4) Abigail – If you handed Abigail over to the mob in Chapter 1 then she’ll attack you here. Otherwise she’ll give you a Swallow and Tawny Oil Potion.

5) Grand Master – Once again the Grand Master will taunt you before teleporting away.

6) King of the Wild Hunt – The King of the Wild Hunt will appear and gives you an ominous message “Death follows you!”. He’ll then disappear and leave behind 4 Wraiths for you to kill.

7) Celina, Toruviel or White Rayla – Who you meet here depends on the path you’ve taken. If you took the Neutral Path then you’ll meet Celina. She’ll give you the Soulcatcher buff which will restore your vitality every time you kill something. If you tell her “There’s always a choice,” then she’ll follow you and help with the following fights.

If you took the Scoia’tael path then you’ll meet Toruviel here. If you tell her that you understand then she’ll give you the Fiery Swords buff to add fire damage to your sword attacks. Tell her that “We all make choices throughout our lives,” and she’ll follow you for the next few fights.

If you’ve taken the Order Path throughout the game then you’ll meet White Rayla here. Telling her “Ours was a tumultous relationship,” will cause her to give you the Soulcatcher buff for restoring vitality when you kill other creatures. If you say “There are worse things than dying in battle,” then she’ll follow you for the next few fights.

8) Grand Master – Yet another visit from the Grand Master who once again will teleport out of reach.

9) Siegfried or Yaevinn – You’ll have a fight with one or both of these characters. If you’re Neutral you’ll have to fight them both. Order followers will encounter Yaevinn and Scoia’tael followers will encounter Siegfried.

10) Alvin – Alvin appears briefly here but he won’t say anything.

11) Grand Master – The Grand Master isn’t yet ready for a fight so he’ll disappear for the last time before you meet him for the final battle.

12) Adda or Vincent Meis – If you spared Princess Adda (the Striga) in Chapter 5 or Vincent Meis (the Werewolf) in Chapter 3 then they’ll show up here.

13) Final Meditation – You’ll have a pretty tough battle here with 2 Order Commanders and 2 Greater Brothers but your allies will help you through it. After the battle your allies will leave and you’ll automatically go into meditation. This is your last chance to meditate and prepare potions for the final fight.

14) Grand Master’s Temple – This is the final battle with the Grand Master. He’s really not too difficult if you use your potions wisely. The Igni Sign works pretty will against the Grand Master and all of the creatures that he spawns. He may occasionally encase you in ice for a short time, while he heals up. Use the Strong Steel sword to defeat him.

At the end of the battle the King of the Wild Hunt will drop down and try to claim the Grand Master as his own. If you refuse him you’ll have to fight the King of the Wild Hunt as well.

Once the battle has been completed you’ll be teleported back to the real world. Search the body of the Grand Master, who now lies dead next to you, and speak with Dandelion to complete the game.

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