After the Bandits attack Kaer Morhen, no matter what path you chose, Triss will be injured. This quest is initiated once you meditate in the laboratory and speak with Vesemir. He’ll tell you to talk to Lambert for more information. Lambert can be found in the Hall (#1), first outside of the Kitchen and later looking after Triss by the fire.

Triss reacts badly to magic healing so you’ll need to make a special potion to cure her. The ingredients are White Gull, Calcium Equum, Celandine and a Frightener’s Claw.

There are still some Bandits lurking around on the stairwell to the upper floor and on the upper floor itself. The White Gull can be found in the Armory (#4) , the Calcium Equum from the Evening Hall (#3) on the upper level. You’ll also find some books (The Frightener and the Monstrum books) and other useful items. Read the books by right clicking on them in your inventory and they will add listings in your journal.

Speak with Vesemir (he should now be in the Hall) and he’ll give you some Celandine and tell you how to get the Frightener’s Claw. If you exhaust all dialogue options with him you’ll receive a Red Meteorite.

Head out to the courtyard where the Frightener was killed and loot it to get the Frightener’s Claw. With all of the ingredients in your inventory go back and meditate at the fire in the Hall. Select the Potions tab and then select Potion for Triss. Click on Mix and meditate for an hour to brew the potion.

Triss has now been moved to her bedroom on the upper floor. Bring her the potion and stay with her to make love and to get the Triss Sex Card. This ends the Prologue so finish off any of the other quests before completing the Potion for Triss quest. At the end of the Prologue the Witcher’s Secrets quest will activate automatically.

Map Locations

1) Hall & Fireplace
2) Kitchen
3) Evening HallĀ – Search the room for Calcium Equum, The Frightener book and two Swallow potions.
4) Armoury – Two White Gull potions and the book Monstrum can be found in this room.

A) Exit to Courtyard
B) Stairs to Laboratory
C) Stairs between Upper Level and Ground Floor
D) Stairs to Triss’ Room

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